Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu Monday and a Frugal bit, too!

Chicken: I have a huge pack of breasts in the freezer. Way too much for us, I prob shouldn't have bought it. However, I'll cook them all and:
BBQ some
Fajitas with others
Alfredo with the rest

Hamburger: Tacos, Hamburger Helper 2x

Ham and cabbage w potatoes

Hash brown casserole w ham

Potato soup with ham

Roast beef sandwiches from a cooked roast/leftovers in the freezer

This is not in order, of course, just choose what you want as you go, lol. I'm shopping today or tomorrow, so I'll supplement the above with some fish, and breakfast grits bowls (with egg and bacon and cheese). So, about two weeks worth of food, most from the freezer/on hand. Not bad!

This could be a frugal post, too! :D

Lunches will be sandwiches (have to get the meat and bread), soups, grilled cheese, leftovers, ect.
Today I had spaghetti (for the third day in a row) to use up the sauce I made last week. Not bad!

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