Friday, March 16, 2012

I came to love You early, or, a quiet testimony

I felt sometimes I didn't have a story I could share.
I wasn't rescued from a past destroyed by dark despair.
O but, Jesus, I have memories of the times that we've been through.
And I wouldn't trade one moment of growing up with You.
I came to love You early, came to know You young.
You touched my heart, dear Jesus, when my life had just begun.
I gave You my tomorrows and a childish heart of sin,
And You've saved me from a lifetime of what I might have been.
Verse 2
You filled some days with laughter; You held me when I cried.
You said, "Child, you can do anything;" You helped me when I tried.
No I treasure ev'ry mem'ry, and I'm sure there couldn't be
A child who could have known more love than You have given me.
Verse 3
I remember how You touched me, but I can't explain at all
How a choice that's so important could be made by one so small,
I just put aside my questions; what You said to do, I've done,
And I thank You for the blessings of coming to You young.
Sue Smith, I Came to Love You Early (First Verse Music (ASCAP) 1989)


Much like this song, I don't have an earthshattering testimony, either.

I was raised by my grandparents, along w/my mom, and was raised in church.
I really can't remember a time when I didn't believe, but I do remember many times
cuddling with my granny before she went to bed, reading her big, black Bible.  She
taught me to read from it, with Matthews Birth Story and Psalms 23.

I was baptised when I was 12.  I haven't always lived Christ for the world, but I never stopped
believing.  He always called me back from the world and it's sin, and kept me from falling into
those things that WOULD have made for a more dramatic and tragic testimony.

He blessed me with a wonderful, Godly heritage in my grandmother, another in a friends grandmother, and a deep-seated knowledge of Him that has sustained me in many hard times.
I am so very, very grateful.


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