Monday, February 27, 2012

Happenings (of the up and down kind)

First, the boy is sick. Double ear infection. He's miserable most of the time.
Then, Dh pulled a pec muscle at work last week, so his right arm is in a sling.
I'm going to need a vacation after this, lol.

Also, I've deleted my Cafemom account. 
Coming back to it after a 9 month hiatus (dead comp), did not endear me.
B/c of the changed layout, you're inundated with posts from groups you're not
even a member of, lots of them of a sinful/negative nature. 

I found myself drawn to these posts, just to see the drama and depths people put
themselves in.  I never went to my own groups, just browsed around for the 'juiciest'
posts to evesdrop on.  And yeah, I got convicted about it, after a bit.

So it's gone.  Now I can focus on my account at PrairieHomemaker (love it!) and
all the Godly/family focused blogs on my list here.  Def feels nice.

Sometimes more (posts, info, whatever) is LESS, kwim??

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