Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly Menu

B/c of some glitches in our normal routine (see post, below), we have 2 holdovers from last week.

Meatloaf, msh potatoes, brocolli

Chicken and noodles, corn

Pork and rice, peas

Beef roast, rice and gravy, green beans

Velvet shrimp over noodles (recipe on easyeats), salad

Shake and Bake Chicken, mac n cheese, white acre peas

Beef Stroganoff, potatoes, corn

The only things on this menu I'll need to purchase are shrimp, and more salad fixings.
Most of the meals I list are around $5-8 for the whole meal, though the price of meat these days
is making that harder to achieve. 

The roast meal is around $9, I believe, but the shrimp meal should hit about $6, considering we already have dressings, cheese, ect.  The pork and rice meal, meanwhile, will hit around $3, believe it or not (frozen from 1/2 a pack last week), including the peas.

More cheap/frugal/low cost meal ideas and recipes can be found at
I try to keep the recipes down home and simple, low cost and delicious.  There are links to other
yummy recipes on the net, and articles about food, kitchen tips, utensil care, and general food history.    Check it out!

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