Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new step on the journey

With my mom, and alzheimer's.

She's been really frail and weak the last few months, but still independent.
Tonight, however, I fear we've moved into another stage in this hateful disease.

About midnight, we got a call from Long County 911 (occasionally, our county's calls
go there, weird), stating that my mom had called them numerous times stating that
she was afraid and didn't want to be alone. She also said she'd been to a friend's,
but they weren't home. (not sure what that was about, she's not close to anyone in
our neighborhood)

We assured 911 that we would see about her, and I drove down to her house (about
2 blocks on the same street). She was upset/crying, and did not recognize her own
house. She did recognize me, though. I got her to sit down and calm down a bit, and
she gradually 'came to herself' a bit.

She can't find any of her meds, however, so I've got to see about that tomorrow. Right
now she's here at our house, with Drake 'entertaining' her. Won't be long til the boy and
I head to bed. All the doors are locked, and the gate to our new fenced play yard is too.
(it's right off the back porch, our main entrace/exit)

What tomorrow will bring, I have no idea. I'm def going to have to take over her medication
dosage, and if that doesn't help, she won't be living independently very much longer. My
granny had this disease, so I'm familiar with the stages. Familiarity has not bred affection,


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