Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly menu

Our freezer is full of chicken, ground beef, chicken, beef roast, chicken, fish and chicken. (yeah, there was a sale on, lol) But chicken isn't on the menu tonight.  Here's this weeks menu (ours starts on Thursdays, when Dh gets paid. 

Def trying to use up the pantry/freezer this week.  Or at least make a dent,lol.

Th--Crab stuffed flounder (at least I think it was flounder, I forget), brocolli

Fr--Beef roast, rice and gravy

St--Southwestern Picante Soup, garlic bread

Sn--Chicken and yellow rice

M--Meatloaf, mshd potatoes and gravy

T--BBQ pork ribs (boneless), mac n cheese

W--Chicken and noodles

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