Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not again!

I'm so discouraged!!
I'm having 'one of those days'.  You know what I mean. 

One of those days that start off so well, or at least quietly, and then, somehow, with no warning or reason, turn so black and ugly.  Not from outside influence, but within myself.  Ugh!

Things were moving along in an ordinary fashion, I'd 'internet-ed' a while, folded the clean clothes, got the dw loaded and going, changed out the w/d.  Was sitting down to lunch w/the boy when Dh came in.  And I just unloaded on him.  Mainly about the laundry. 

See, I ask him to put his clothes in the hampers, and he does, for a while.  The he reverts back to type and starts dropping them on his side of the bed, so that it quickly becomes a mountain of 'extra' laundry for me to sort and deal with.  And once again, I pitched an everloving fit.  Sigh.  Not a proud moment.

I don't want to react this way!  I don't want to be so down about everything.  I read on another blog that 'stinkin thinkin' is like a snowball.  Starts out small, with one little thing, then keeps going, picking up speed (complaints) and before you know it, you're so disgusted with your house, finances, family and life you just want to chuck it all and run off to Siberia.   It can't be any worse there, right???

I hate when this happens, it darkens my whole day, and that of my family.  I'm not an encourager, a supporter, a friend.  I'm someone that no one wants to be around, and I can't blame them.  But wait!
There is a solution, there is help! 

I can go to God in prayer and study, and He will bring me back around, refreshed and refocused on Him, ready to tackle all the mess that had me down such a short time ago.  I just wish I could stop the negativity BEFORE it spills over, spoiling everything.  Def need to take that to Him in prayer, too.

I have to admit here, I've been slacking in my devotion time.  (yes, this is a big AHA! moment)
Common sense (and that still small voice) tells me that w/o Him to bolster me, I can't maintain for long.  I'm no good alone, and it is painfully true on days like this.  Let's see what gems I can find to help out....

How about Luke 10:41-42.  Ah, Mary and Martha, classic.  I'm def Martha today.

Another: Psalm 16:8  "B/c He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken"  Whenever you feel distance from God, it's most likely YOU who have moved.  Or in this case, me.

How about Col 3:23-24  "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord....for you serve the Lord Jesus Christ" 

And what needs to be my anthem, "Do all things w/o complaing.."   I need that one tatooed to my inner eyelids!

And lots more just by browsing my underlined passages in the NT.  Hard words, but good chastisment.  Time to straighten up and apologize, and keep in the Word, to keep this from occuring again.  Hmmm, just 5 min in the word looking up the above passages and I'm more encouraged and uplifted already.  Thank you, Father! 

Now, to get off here, and get ready for Bible Study at 7pm.  More Word!  More encouragement! More Jesus!!  Bring it on!!

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