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Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 Soccer Pic

So proud of my big boy, he's doing very well and is really picking up the sport.
Next year will be even better.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Soccer and Six

Yep, it's official.
I'm a 'Soccer Mom', and I'm loving it!

Drake's first year in the sport is going well. He's not at all aggressive, doesn't get into the skirmish for the ball, but he runs about keeping up with his team and having a good time. That works for me. Mad Skilz and passion can come later. Although, if they don't that's fine too. He's having a good time after all. :D

Also, today we held his 6th birthday party.  Where has the time gone??? I ask this every year, as I'm sure most moms do.  He won't be 'officially' six until September 30/Tuesday, but as that's a weekday...

The party was great, with lots of Paw Patrol, Soccer and Sonic stuff to tide over any near-6 year olds heart. Ladderball, Party Pong, and lots of running around with cousins and friends topped things off just right.  Here's hoping he sleeps well all night long! 

So proud of my big, big boy!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What you believe matters

Today our church hosted the Creation Conference with Gary Bates.  He's the author of numerous books and articles answering questions about the Bible and Christianity.


And more.  It was sort of a crash course in apologetics, really.  Great stuff! Here's something I took away from it:

1. Where did I come from?
2. What is my purpose?
3. What will happen after I die?

The answers to 2 and 3 depend on what you believe about 1.  Kapow!

There are over 9500 articles and videos on his Creation Ministries website,
Print out the questions and answers and share them with people. It's a really great resource!

After this conference, I feel much stronger and better equipped to teach the truth in science to my 5/almost 6 year old.  Don't be fooled by the scientific 'evidence'. It ain't what they say!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two for One

Or Two in One.
Posts, that is!

Here's my table for our annual women's breakfast at church. My mil (my second mother) helped with flowers and the tablecloth, while I purchased the birdhouse, painted it, ect.

It wasn't nearly so elaborate or glamorous as some there (wow at all the creative women in our church!) but I think we did a great job! And, I tend toward the rustic in d├ęcor anyway. :D

It was a really moving, uplifting time. I love our women's events.


And a new weigh in.

Are you ready?  Really ready?  Here we go....171!!  Another 4lbs down, thank you Jesus! 

I have not worked out in about a week, and have had several days of 1800+ calories. Some over 2000. Yikes.  But this is an amazing gift, and I am not going to waste it.  Back on the treadmill, back to the elliptical and back to my DVD library and working out! 

21 lbs. Feels so nice.  Now, about those contemplations.  Here's what has been going on in my head lately.  Medicine.  I had another sugar crash, this one down to 41.  And again, once I was in it I binged.  A whole double Milky Way, tall glass of orange juice and a cheese stick. It was that much before I felt I could stop.  Then I just kind of keeled over sideways on the couch and went to sleep (again, I'd woken up from a 2 hour nap with the crash).  I slept another 2 hours. Argh.  They leave me DRAINED.

I am calling my endocrinologist this morning to talk about cutting the dosage, b/c I am afraid to take the Glimepiride at almost any time now.  I have to have immediate access to foods to stave off the crash, and that can lead to horrible binging to soothe the shakes and weakness.

I am still taking the Metformin, though as well as my Lantus in the am.  But the glimp? It's gotta go, or be reduced.  We shall see. 

Also on my mind, and Dh's....vegetarianism.
I never thought I'd ever be considering this lifestyle.  Ugh, it does not make me happy to do so.  But dh has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and he's trying to get serious about caring for himself.  So, if vegetarianism is the way to do that, then we are all in this together.  Minus the boy, b/c he's five and I won't force this on him.  Not sure to what extent we'll try this, whether complete veg or only part time (does that even count?) but it's def on the menu. Hey, at the very least, it will cut calories, right? (given the right recipes and food, of course)

And that's what's up in the mind of me.  Looking over my post, it seems to be all good things, at least long term. Now that's a blessing!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pounding down the....


I've lost another 3lbs, woohoo! Down to 175 this morning, after weeks of nothing.  I was getting majorly frustrated, too. Although I haven't been uber strict about eating, or working out.

My weight loss has slowed. But it's good to see it still moving down.  I find my main excuse not to workout is being tired, and burning feet.  I can usually push through the tired, but when my feet burn, I can't sleep let alone step, kick and jog. 

But this is the impetus and inspiration (redundant?) I need to keep pressing on. Despite that binge last night of around 500 calories due to a blood sugar drop. Reminder, never take glimepiride before bed, it's just way too strong for 8+ hours of non eating.  I've woken 3 times now with blood sugar of 50/60 because of this. You think I'd learn.

But anyway, on with the show!  Slowly but surely, I think I can, I think I can....wait.


Happy Thursday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

And now for something completely different!

Family Day!

Wednesday both Dh and I had appointments in Brunswick, so since he had the day off....Family Day. We took care of business (doctors, we're both fine), then had a yummy lunch at Michael's Deli.  Our Michael's here in town closed some years back, and there are only a few left in the area. A shame, b/c they have good food.

At the Doctor, playing patiently with his toys. Daddy is in the background with a magazine.

Anyway, after lunch we headed to Dick's Sporting Goods, where we perused kayaks, hiking shoes, workout equipment and more. Dh got a great deal on some boat shoes (the kind that are flexible, like slippers, with mesh for drainage) and we moseyed over to Target, where I found some sight word flash cards for the boy.

Books a Million was next, with 3 books for Drake (Biscuit, Mittens and Go Away Dog!), and a kayak magazine for Dh (he's totally with me on wanting to do this, so cool). I refrained from book buying myself, as I'd just gotten a great one the day before from Prevention on walking for weight loss.

Me, cheesing for Drake to take my picture, also at the doctor's office.

Onward!  We headed to St. Simon's Island for Putt Putt, honoring a promise to Drake.  Alas, we were 75% done with our game when the lighting siren sounded and we had to quit. Phooey! Drake was so upset, but we managed a walk to the pier, scoring a free balloon animal along the way (dog, of course).  He also took a few minutes for the playground, but was really tuckered out.

At target, sampling a chair. He approved!

We drove up-island a bit, finding a great hiking trail, as well as Fort Frederica, both of which we'll hit up next time we're that way. We also found Bennie's Red Barn, which will likely be our lunch stop, too!

Playing Putt Putt. Yes, they match. Yes, they are both prepping to play. Yes, it's cute! Love my boys!

We finished the day at Arby's for supper, having to wake the boy to go in and eat. He was zonked again when we got home, and Dh put him right to bed. He woke up the next morning so upset b/c "I forgot to play the Wii!" lol. 

All in all, a super day!