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Friday, June 26, 2015

Why the long face?

So, the Supreme Court ruled on  same sex marriage, making it legal in all fifty states.

And the internetz went 'splody.  Seriously, you would think the world was coming to an end. Some FB posts seemed to be angling toward Christ coming back imminently (because of this).

Doom and gloom, wails and moans. 

People, pick up your heads!!  Remember Who you serve. He's got this, all we have to do is keep on being about His business.  Which is leading hearts to Him, not wasting time posting and lobbying and protesting THE WORLD BEING THE WORLD.

Of course the government ok'd it.  Of course people are happy about it.  But the Christian community acts like it has no idea how to act when sin is so in your face.  Chicken little, anyone??

Calm down, refocus on HIM.  In this world you WILL have trouble, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

One Family

I had a post about half written, mainly a stream of conscious ramble about the Charleston shooting.

I erased it. What is there really to say? Only what is important. My heart is breaking. My prayers are storming Heaven. 

I'll let others hash out the details and speculation.  I stand with my Charleston family today and all days.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Fun

Yesterday we were invited to swim at my sister and brother in laws.  It was such a nice time with family, sharing fun and food.  Drake had a blast, of course. Three hours of swimming will do that to a guy, lol.

He's a bit pink today, but no burn.  Asking when we can go back, lol.  After swimming, we had delicious grilled/smoked pork chops, local corn on the cob, and baked beans. Awesome!

Here he is swimming, wearing his 'lucky hat', that he swiped from his Uncle G.  It was all I could do to get him to leave the pool, and then only under duress, :D.

We tried the local stables for horse camp, but that was....less than stellar. Too long of a day (he cried, thinking he would have to stay forever) and there wasn't proper supervision (he and some boys were playing in some loose boards and weeds/snake city!) when my MIL picked him up. He won't be going back.

So for now, it's back to the same old, same old. But that's okay.  I love being with my punkin' doodle, big almost-7 year old that he is!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Domestic Felicity: Why I stay home

Really great post about SAHM's.  Wanted to share.

Domestic Felicity: Why I stay home: Can I say, "I don't go out to work, and that's why my home is always in top order"? No... not really. Actually, on the con...

Of teeth, tennis, golf and hair....

So, here's what's been happening in our world.

First, Tennis!
Drake participated in a three day tennis camp, and he LOVED it! Said he wanted to "Play it forever", and that's a direct quote.  Our county is starting up a rec tennis league, but it will be next year before Drake can join (due to age).  I can't wait, he actually ASKED to play this.  For our Wii addicted boy, that's big news.


Next, Teeth!  He lost another upper tooth. Isn't he adorable!  I love that grin, so much. (this is not his best look, however)

Moving along, we have Golf: Look at that form, he's a pro in the making! Seriously, he HATES to play by the rules, use proper stance, ect. He's such a trailblazer!

Finally, we finish with Hair.  Is that not the wackiest thing you've seen today? I think it is. He hates for his hair to be anything but smooth and tidy. So when I took this, he had no clue. When I showed it to him, he nearly knocked himself out patting and smoothing it down again.  Silly boy.

And that's our summer so far. He finished Tball with a pizza party earlier in May, and is so proud of his trophy. He was disappointed that he didn't get one for Tennis, lol.

Up next?  Horse Camp and VBS!  It's the summer of DOING, y'all!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Auld lang sine

So, I sold my mama's (legally mine) house. 

It is bittersweet. I was fine at closing and even before, but now that Dh has moved a few pieces of furniture out, I'm getting emotional. Monday is the last day my brother can stay there, per the contract agreement. It's all just hitting me now, that it's really over.

It's not my house, not my mama's house anymore. It closes a chapter in our lives that I thought I was ready for. The last physical link to my mama is gone. Of course, I have pictures, momentos, even her lovely cherry/glass display cabinet and a few pieces of clothing (she had excellent taste).

It just brings up how much I miss her.  I wish (sometimes, I know she is with Jesus and far better off) she were here to watch Drake grow up, go to his T ball games, and just kid around with like we used to before the Alz took her sense of humor. It is the final 'letting go', and it is harder than I thought.

So, I'll drink a cup (of tea) of kindness. A cup for auld lang sine.  She wasn't perfect, and sometimes it was awful and hard and dark. But I am grateful to have her for my mom, and say she left a legacy of love, laughter, and faith.

May the new owner have many happy years in her (now his) house. She was very proud of it (being the first home she ever owned), and I hope he will be too. 

Goodbye 391 SWD. We will miss you.

Sunday, May 10, 2015