Friday, December 14, 2018

It's a date!

So, the playdate finally happened this morning!

L and N came over around 10 and the boys played for 3 hours happily. L and I talked and
laughed and really enjoyed ourselves, getting to talk to another adult with common interests.
We plan to do it again as soon as we can.

It's another rainy day here, but pretty mild, temp wise. 66, actually.
Back to work tomorrow and Sunday, then our Christmas party is Monday evening. I need to
finalize what food I'm going to take. Maybe meatballs in a cheesy sauce? I'll figure it out after
discussions at work and I have a better idea of what they normally do.

Our tree is up and decorated, except for the star. I am so lazy, lol. I'll see if DH will do that.
There are several decorations around the 3 main rooms of our house, but I didn't do the guest
bath this year *it's Mario now, and Drake likes it that way, I"m also not putting up a tree in the
dining room or our bedroom. I'll  miss my candy tree in the dining room, but I just don't feel
like dealing with it this year. With Dh hurting, it all falls on me to both decorate and clean up.
Just not feeling it this time.

Our pastor's sermon last Sunday was The Mother of all Christmas Stories, featuring Mary!
I"m so happy to see this, b/c being Baptist, the mother of our Lord doesn't usually get much
"airtime". I'll catch it on pod cast when I have a quiet hour.

Most of our Christmas shopping is done, just a few gift cards to pick up. I'm setting the table each week of December, but am lazy about taking pics. It's all stuff I did last year, anyway. Who can afford to have different mats and stuff each year, lol? Still, it's fun and pretty, and makes me happy.

Hope your December is blessed!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Rain and colds and weddings, Oh, my!

It is a gray, blah, day here in SE Georgia. Matches the current mood pretty well, I'd say.

Last week, when we met with the 'new friend' and played at the park, it was chilly and breezy.
Welp, I came down with a cold. Sore throat, sniffles, a cough. Missed work yesterday. Off today for my nephews wedding. Still sick.

We had a playdate scheduled today with the friend, but Drake declared he had a sore throat and actually 'asked' for medicine! So no playdate, and no attending the wedding this afternoon, either.
Dh will go, and the two sickies will stay home.

Actually, despite the negativity, I'm looking forward to it. Seems like every day that I have off, I have to go back into town for something. Ugh, it gets tiresome! I never get to just stay home anymore. Well, I intend to enjoy this day, as much as a stopped up nose and head will allow.

I'll nap again, as I was up at the crack of dawn. Lay around reading, do a bit of laundry, maybe bake some brownies later. Even later, I may cook hashbrown casserole for supper, one of our favorites. I have a freezer full of chicken and ham, but as Dh picked up KFC for us last night, I am tired of the bird. Pigs it is! lol.

Here's my recipe:

1 bag  of O'Brian hash browns *the ones with peppers and onions in them if you can find them
1 large container of sour cream
1 an cream of chicken, or celery, soup
1 bag of shredded Colby jack cheese
Herbs and garlic/pepper to season
Diced ham, around 1 to 1.5 cups. Remember, it's salty so don't add salt!

Mix the sour cream and soup.
Blend this with the hashbrowns, herbs, ham, half the cheese.
Place in a baking dish 9x13
Bake at 400 til bubbly. You might have to cover to keep from burning/drying out
Top with remaining cheese, and let melt in the oven.

Dh never turns down leftovers of this, and there is never any left over to throw out. It's just that good. Of course, the more cheese you use....   :D

Hope your day is bright and cheerful and free of ickies!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

He has a new title now!!

As of today, he's not just a son, a grandson, a nephew...he's now a FRIEND!!

Drake spoke today, and it blew me out of the water.

A bit of backstory. Last night/Sunday night, as I was lying in bed with him before he fell asleep, he confided in me that he was lonely, and wanted a real friend. It broke my heart. I prayed later that I'd give up having a friend of my own *different story*, if God would send one for Drake.

 We talked about how he has to try to be brave, doing small steps like not hiding or turning away from people, just giving a wave, or saying 'hi'. Small stuff at first.

Then, as per his therapist's advice, we practiced mock conversations. I pretended to be a little boy and we did a back and forth of things to say and talk about. Hi/how are you/what's your name/what are you doing?/favorite games, foods, ect.

This morning/Monday, we met the homeschool group for a movie at the local theatre. No one approached him, and he kind of stood behind a column while we waited for everyone to get there, then we watched the movie *The Grinch, highly recommend. After, we took a picture of the group, and dispersed. I figured it was a fun day over all.

We went to McD's for lunch, and one of the mom's happened to show up there with her son. They had gone to a nearby Japanese restaurant, but it was closed, so they changed plans. I smiled at her, we talked a bit about the movie, then I got our food and sat down with Drake. They came over soon after and asked to sit next to us. Of course, I said yes, hoping for a 'talking chance'.

After a bit of basic back and forth with the mom, I asked the son's name, then introduced Drake.
Drake actually gave a quick wave and 'hi'!! Then, he asked Nathan what he was doing, and if he was bored! Who is this child and where is my own? Y'all, I about cried in the middle of Mickie D's.

The boys began a conversation, Drake went over on the other side of the tables nearest Nathan, while I spoke to the mom. THEN, b/c it gets even better, Nathan told his mom that Drake asked him if he could come to our house to play!!! Drake asked him if they could be friends, and when Nathan said yes, Drake jumped up and down with joy.

We went to a local park and the boys played for over an hour without getting bored. We plan to get together soon, and I am so overwhelmingly happy, grateful, and blissed out. God had His hand all over this! Please be in prayer for Nathan's family, our family, and future friendships.

Nathan's mom is a year older than I, they live in a mobile home as well, her husband was a pastor for 12 years, only the one child, she likes antiques and thrift stores, ect, I think WE may become friends as well!

Looks like my 'gratitude list' just got a bit longer!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Always something....

To be thankful for!!

  • Dh is off today, as am I, so we get the day together.
  • We are hosting a small group at our home, so I pray my brother and his girlfriend will be blessed.
  • Drake is showing bravery lately, whether due to a new medicine (anti anxiety), or b/c there are KITTENS hanging around, we're not sure. He's been out in the yard multiple times a day, including at NIGHT, alone! (of course, we keep the door open and an eye on him. We are very rural, so few worries)
  • We have two more homes to visit later today, MIL's, and our nephew's. Family and Food time!
  • Dh's paychecks are looking good at this time, so we will get ahead with medical bills and such.
  • His pain is manageable at this time, no ER or dr trips for more help.
And of course, our families, country, and even this big, beautiful, world we live in.
But most of all, for the precious Gift of our Saviour, and the Salvation He offers.

God is good, ALL the time!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Lift up your head

Some changes from the last update.

Sweet, precious, Pam passed away last week. She was surrounded by family and friends, her house decked out for her favorite holiday, Christmas *she always had around 12 trees up each year. She had planned her funeral, written her obituary, recorded her voice for her family and future grandchildren.

The last words she said were, as she sat up in bed and pointed to each person present, "I want to see you in Heaven, so LIVE FOR CHRIST." Then, she lay back, and let God take her shortly thereafter.

Her funeral was an amazing testimony of her love for Christ. Let me tell you, they HAD CHURCH!
Thou, O Lord, Take me to the King, Chainbreaker, Worthy. People were on their feet, clapping, shouting out, hands to Heaven. It was a wonderful funeral, if I can say that and make sense. More about Him, and less about her. Beautiful.

Please be in prayer for her husband (she was only 49, he a year older), two grown sons, her mother, brother, and all her many friends.

In our personal news, we are NOT happy with Mayo Jacksonville.
They failed to send lab results to the correct doctor, instead sending them to a former doc.
They misinterpreted labs, or the labs were wrong, we're not sure which. Tony's GFR is not 17, it is 11. Perhaps down from a week of devastating diarreah and dehydration, we are not sure. December labs with his regular nephrologist will tell.

Good news is, he still has room for a kidney, so remains active on the transplant list.
Worrying news is, he has a physical coming up, and his vision has been worrisome.

Please pray for him, for his kidney needs, vision needs (glaucoma), and overall emotional and spiritual health.  It is a time of uncertainty for us, but we are holding fast to the words in the songs above, and we know He's got this.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

PKD Update

Dh and I spent last Tuesday at Mayo in Jacksonville, for an update/checkup.

We got up at 4am, and left by 4:30 for the 2 hour drive, as we had to be there at 7am. Lovely.
Got turned around once on 95 b/c of traffic not letting us get over for our exit, so had to turn
around, drive back down the interstate about 10 miles, then come back up and try it again. That
time, we made it no problems.

They did a whole barrage of tests, as usual, and between those, the social worker, the nurse, and
finally the doctor, we were there til nearly 5pm. Results are as follows....

His kidney function is UP from 14% to 17%!!! Rejoice with me over that. What a blessing! Not
sure how that came about, but we'll take it.

His potassium levels are DOWN from 5.5 to 5.2! This is also great news. He is on sodium bicarb
to lower this, so this made sense, but b/c the SB irritates his gout, he can't take much of it. So it was
nice to see a good result.

All other tests: EKG, scans, ect, were normal. A wonderful update after all!
He was hovering on dialysis b/c of the potassium. His nephrologist was concerned and had 'drawn
the line' at 5.6, so seeing it down was a relief!

Now, the worrisome stuff, b/c you KNOW there has to be some of that, right? Right. :)

The lower ab scan didn't go low enough, so the doctors are not sure there is room for a donor kidney if one should come available. Mayo Jax no longer removes the old kidneys at time of transplant we were told, so it would have to be done before.

Well, if you don't have kidneys, you have to be on dialysis, obviously. But Tony's kidney function is
UP, moving him away from that (as long as all other stuff stays good). So he has to have another scan next Friday.

If he does have room, all good, no further action necessary but to wait.
If he does NOT have room, then Mayo will put him 'inactive' on the list, wait until he does go on dialysis, and then remove the kidneys, as he will no longer need them at that time. Then he will be
'active' again, and open for a kidney if it should come available.

Sigh. Inactive status is like not being on the list. A kidney that is a perfect match would go to someone else, and we would be waiting that much longer. Frustration!

So for now, we'll have another scan, and wait and see. God is in control, and has this all worked out,
one way or the other, kidney or not. Sometimes, the answer is 'no'. ;( But we continue to pray, as we ought, and praise Him for it all. Stay tuned.

PS: Our former Sunday School teacher's wife has been battling her second go round with cancer (she had been free for many years), but has recently learned that there is nothing else to be done. She has at most, weeks. Please pray for Pam, her husband, and two sons, one of which just started college this year, the other a few years older. She was a bright, vibrant spirit who always cheered those around her. Seeing her this way now is heartbreaking, but we know the best for her is yet to come. Still, we mourn our own (temporary) loss. Again, please be in prayer for all of her family as they spend these precious last days with her.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Selective Mutism, the quiet disorder....

This is what Drake has.
He has always been reserved/quiet/shy with strangers, even family he doesn't see regularly.
He will talk and play with his younger cousin, and one other family friend the same age, and also his Nana and her best friend *that invested a LOT of time to gain his trust.

He is homeschooled, but has been in sports, VBS, Awana, church, ect. No interaction with anyone, but he does play the games/soccer/baseball/tennis. There are stories on the Parents of SM kids Facebook group of 15 year olds that have NEVER spoken to people outside the immediate family, even in school. Therapy didn't work. :( So more people/school isn't necessarily the answer.

He is now in therapy, and we hope to start speech therapy soon, too. We pray these can help him 'find his Brave' as the SM community says, and ways to overcome those nameless, choking fears. Please be in prayer for him, he's almost 10.

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