Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How times do change

Such a turnaround from my last post.

There was no St. Patrick's dinner w the family, there will likely be no Easter dinner, either.
Dh, the boy, and I will be hunkered down, riding out this C-19 mess.

I've been off work since 1pm last Thurs. Sent me home because labor was high. Fine with me, I have been on tenterhooks about taking something home to Dh. When they texted me that night that the dining room was closed? HUGE relief. I didn't have to go in!

They did offer me hours in drive thru, if I wanted them, but I told them not to bother. We'll be okay, if a bit tight around here. Our county has now implemented a declaration that dining rooms will be closed til April 9, I believe. Again, fine w me.

We've got a good stock of food, a bit of paper products, and should be fine for a while. There is NO meat to be found, unless you hang out waiting for the truck at the supermarkets. In a post either here or on Little Pond some time ago, I featured our 'walk in' theatre. The gentleman that owns that has had to shut it, b/c of the declaration. It will reopen, and we will all be glad. In the meantime, he is offering to order from his supplier *there is a bistro he owns attached to the Strand/theatre, meats, pastas, bread, eggs, milk, flour!!, and other such things you can barely find now.

Dh and I ordered some chicken, and hamburger, and are pleased. One of the Strand boys brought it to our house and unloaded it on our porch. We gave him a good tip. Tomorrow, I will order again, for my MIL, who is down to only hamburger for meat. We'll get some pork chops, too. Not WM prices, by any means, but better than other places online that ship.

We are all fine, Dh is working on some wood projects for me, which he enjoys. The boy is homeschooling and playing games, I'm sleeping late, eating way too much, and just enjoying being home. 

This thing/Covid 19, is a death sentence for Dh, if he gets it. Without a miracle, he WOULD die. I do not kid myself. He goes to dialysis 3 days a week, with patients from nursing homes, and just all over. There is a case of C in that county. Yes, I worry. No cases here yet, praise the Lord.

Our church has gone to live streaming, which we take advantage of. Sort of a fireside chat kind of thing. It's good. I know God's got this. He already knows how it all will go, and is in full control. We just have to hang on during this sometimes bumpy ride. I pray that you all are well, and remain so.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Planning a Tea Party

Things are going well with us, right now.
I'll save the minor issues for later, b/c right now, I am planning....

A Valentine's Day Tea!

Menu so far, still in the early stages, subject to change:

     Quiche, ham and cheese
      Tea Sandwiches: Pimento Cheese, Chicken Salad, Cucumber, Ham
      Pesto Dip w/crackers
      Cheese Straws
      Spinach Balls
      Cream Scone
       Fruit Scone, to be determined
          Both with clotted cream and jam


       Fruit Tray, Spiced Nuts
       Cream Wafers with Strawberry Filling
       White Chocolate Cappucino Gateau
       Cowboy Bakes/Oatmeal choc chip Cookies


        Pot of Tealyra's Golden Monkey *HIGHLY recommend this, it's worth the price
        Various flavored tea bags for individual tastes *I have lots of these, lol
         Soft Drinks
         Southern Sweet Tea *Iced, b/c that is what we drink here, and what is considered, 'tea'. :)

There will be cheese pizza for the kids, as Drake will not eat much if any of the above.
Dress will be casual, b/c my friends and fam are not dress up people. Jeans at funerals here is common among some families, and not looked down upon. So, it's up to the guest. Prissy if ya
wanna, casual if not.

So, what do you think? Ideas? Suggestions? Am I missing something?
It's just a nice way to have something bright and fun to look forward to in the middle of winter.
If it's cold here by then. Supposed to be in the upper 70's tomorrow.

Pinkies Up!
   (but not really, it "ain't" proper, lol)   ;P

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Our Christmas was quiet but good. We had a family morning of Dh, D, and me opening presents. Then I finished dinner. I already had my veggies done the previous night, so it was a matter of warming them, throwing the rolls into the oven, and putting the marinated beef roast in the crock pot (early that morning). 

MIL, FIL, my brother, his girlfriend filled our table, and ate nearly all the food. I did have a good bit of roast left over, but that's because I cooked two of them to be sure of enough. The leftovers are now in the freezer, for a future meal. We sat around after talking and enjoying each other. A good day!

MIL is healing nicely. Still has pain, moving around carefully, but pushing through. She's tough. 
Our New Year celebration consists of me baking blueberry muffins, Russian Tea Cookies, and BBQ chicken, with beans and rice, and pole beans for supper. That's our early NY's dinner, lol. I didn't get black eyed peas so its purple hulls, but they have 'eyes' too. The pole beans look like dollar bills, so they stand in for the greens, which we already had on Christmas. The chicken is just because it's quick and easy in the oven. I'll do a ham later in the month.

Tomorrow it's back to work. Dh went to the ER Sat night with breathing issues, they nearly kept him, but refrained. Sun night we were up all night with the same issues, plus his hernia was pushing into his chest and he was nauseated. We nearly went back to the ER but he toughed it out.

I drove him to dialysis and after he felt much better. It had been 4 days since the last time b/c of Christmas messing up the schedule. Can't do that again, clearly. We'll finish up the night relaxing at home, maybe watch the ball drop *seen one you've seen them all, frankly*, and go to bed.  A good night, lol.

I pray your New Year is full of happiness and blessings, and the worry and heartaches few.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Highs and Lows

Some things going on lately:

MIL was found to have a small spot on her lung. She had surgery today, came through well, and is not on a ventilator. They believe they got it all, and think it is stage 1. She may come home Sunday.

Dh and I weren't there, as he had dialysis today, and is always drained after. The hospital that has the cancer clinic is 1.5 hours away in Savannah. Drake is also sick with sniffles, sore throat, and cough. So there was no way he could be in the hospital. Being sick, and no one to leave him with, Dh elected to stay home and be posted by our niece/mil's granddaughter. We will go visit Saturday, when I'm off work again, and D is better, we hope.

Got my kitchen/baking/food tree up.
It's actually in the dining room, which is open to the kitchen. Cupcakes, ice cream cones, gingerbread, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, bbq grills, teapots, ect are dripping from every branch. It is an obsession, although a cheap one. I get my ornaments at Ollies, Walmart, thrift stores, and rarely pay more than $1 for each. A garland of 'sugared' balls loops all around. It is adorable.

Got all my Nativities up, most of Santas/Snowmen.
Got our live tree today. Dh insisted. It was drizzly off and on, but we got a great specimen. 7.5', from a local tree farm. Drake loved the chickens, goats, rabbits, and pig the farm offered to view. He didn't play on the playground, but did ride out on the tree wagon, lol. We spent an hour there, when half the time would have done. They are sweet people, and we love supporting them each year.

All that said, next year we are likely to go back to artificial. Dh just isn't able to life and pull on the tree to get it inside and up. It wears him out. Drake and I did all the decorating tonight on the tree, but Dh did help with lights. He may put some up high tomorrow, after a rest.

Work Christmas party is the 16th. Taking sausage balls, same as last year, but they were a hit. No sauce, but they have enough cheese in them to not need any. Half the bisquick, you taste the sausage better *any recipe, really, just half the flour mix.

Most of shopping is done. Drake will get some money to use after Christmas, once we get paid right before Christmas. He is getting 2 video games, clothes, new Minecraft comforter, Minecraft Steve plush, card game, a couple of movies he liked the past year. Dh gets a band saw, fish pictures he liked for a blank wall in the hallway, clothes. Me? Cookbooks, bread maker, Nutcrackers (love these at Christmas for decorating), boots.

We missed the local parade *Drake sick*, didn't go to the live Nativity *same*, and prob won't make it to Okefenokee for the light show either. Kind of blah, but money is tighter this year, work, tiredness, ect. Eh, life.

I hope your Christmas is wonderful, and your New Year full of God's blessings!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Growing up

More sleepovers!
D is really growing up, in so many ways.

His friend R spent the night with him a couple weeks ago, and it went pretty well.
D doesn't like teasing, and R did some of that, and there was some 'he doesn't want to
do what I want to do' moments, but both boys are new to the friendship thing, and so
are still figuring it out.

We stayed out of it mostly, other than redirecting from the teasing, and suggesting
alternate entertainment they could both enjoy together. D was ready for R to go by
the middle of the next day, though. He isn't used to sharing stuff for long, lol.

But tonight D is going to R's house. We sent him with pizza and snacks, his favorite
Luigi plush (comfort thing), and 2 days worth of clothes. I'm an overpacker, I know. :)

R's dad will call us tomorrow when the boys start to wear on each other. I'll be at work,
but Dh will go get him at the halfway point. That's 30 min from us, about 30 miles, and
a few more to their house. But things seem to be going well so far. I try not to project
my worries and anxiety on D, but we did let him know we'd come get him at any time,
even the middle of the night, if he can't stay that long.

We are having Tgiving with our nephew and my fam. Which is he and his wife, 3 kids,
my sister, my, Dh, D, and my MIL, and maybe my brother and his girlfriend. I'll prob
make pizza pasta salad and butterfinger lush to take with.  Should be a good time.

Happy T'giving!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BIrthday fun, and future plans

Our 11yr old, at his birthday bowling trip in October.
He's nearly as tall as me now; though that's not saying much, as
I'm only 5' tall, lol. There's an upcoming spend the night party tomorrow
night, with his friend R, and maybe a trip to Jacksonville's Timucuan
Preserve on Friday. Maybe going to see Harriet at our walk in theatre, as well.
Looks like good things ahead!
Tonight should get down below freezing, it's already chilly out there. We have the
well house closed up and a brooder light on it to keep the switch/pipes from freezing.
We'll drip the pipes tonight as well.
I imagine that warm temps will return soon. It is southeast Ga after all!
Stay snug, y'all!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Another year older

Drake turned 11 Sept 30th.
He had a great birthday, full of Minecraft themed gifts, a Minecraft cake, and a NEW friend!

His first bestie, N, moved to FL a couple months ago, and while they still come up for homeschool group, visits are few and far between, as you can imagine with a 3 hour distance.  At my urging, Drake has been hanging out with R at homeschool, and we invited him to the party. He came, and Drake was thrilled. It was D, R, and D's cousin L. They got along pretty good, aside from it being hard to share a 2 controller game system amongst themselves.

Now, Drake is going to R's party next weekend! Apparently, R was so impressed with Drake's room setup, that he went home and closed himself in his own room, and went to work. His parents could hear him moving stuff around for a long time. Then he came out, went and got an old, unused tv of his dad's, asked permission, and carried that into his room, again shutting the door, lol.

When he was done, he kindly invited his parents to see his creation. He had copied Drake's room! He has, from what his dad says, a gaming section, book section, toy section. All neatly delineated and ready to go when Drake gets there. Drake was thrilled to hear that he had such influence on  his new friend. We are hopeful this will last a long time, and be good for both boys.

Back to N? He's coming in two weeks, for a sleepover. The second he's had with Drake, and it's the only ones either will have had. So lots of fun stuff going on for young ones.

Dh and I are dealing with the minefield that is private insurance. I hate this, so much. We are giving up our Cadillac ins for what amounts to Pinto ins, I'm afraid. Stupid preexisting conditions. We are apparently limited in our choice b/c of our area. Anyway, we are nearly done with it, I hope. We'll see how well it works out.

Nights are cooler here, but days continue to be in the 90s. Leaves are slowly changing, starting with wild grapevine. It will be Nov before we get the full 'fall effect' of color here. B/c this is pine tree country, it won't be overly stunning. Still, I"m ready for cooler temps. Not a summer girl, for sure!

I've decorated with fall stuff, and included Halloween as well. I'm not pulling it all out twice! We just have some jack o lanterns, scarecrows, and a little cat pillow with a witches hat on it head. The rest is regular pumpkins, acorns, Indian corn, fall colors. The cat pillow sits in an antique, homemade rocking chair that Dh used when he was small, that was used when his mama bought it for him! Very cute.

We have cut the cord on cable, to save money, but Dh isn't happy with the performance. Too much buffering. Not sure what we'll do. I don't care about tv, but it's his main entertainment. Sigh....

Up later this month is Dh's and MIL's bdays. Drake may choose to go t/t-ing, dressed as, Steve, from Minecraft, of course!

Hope you're having a great fall!