Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Purge?

People make me tired, have I mentioned that?

If this keeps up, all I'll have on my FB is fun, pretty groups, and no real person ' friends', aside from family.

Might be a good idea, come to think of it.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ow. Hernia surgery.

Been 10 days. Lots of pain still. Dr found a melon sized cyst on my ovary that he drained. I had no idea.

Going to be a long recovery. Dr said 10 days. Don't believe it! Mornings are the worst, after sleeping so long. Afternoons sloly getting better.

Ow. That is all

Thursday, May 14, 2020


So, a couple weeks ago, I posted a link to a political article, featuring the president. It had his own words, and I asked a question ab it.

Apparently, it set my pastor's wife off, and she blocked me. Now, she is a very strong political person and Trump supporter. Very politically active on FB, and headed up the 16 campaign in our town for Cruz, before he dropped out.

I never mentioned her, the artical did not reference anything she had posted. But I hadn't seen anything from her in a week or so, so I went to see her page.

Can't find her on FB at all. Not even on her husband, our pastor's, page. Well. Okay then. Not sure how to feel ab this.

A little bit, really??? And a bit, whatever. Will she ignore me when we go back to church, or smile to my face?

Maybe this is a temporary thing, a heat of the moment move? I've snoozed a couple people who were triggers for me, politically, but I haven't unfriended or blocked them.

I'm just....what??? Are you even serious????

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

We did this to ourselves

"But as soon as we emerge, the virus will spread again and the people with weakened immune systems will still succumb to it.
This is a harsh fact.
The people who missed it this time, will eventually get it-regardless of if we emerge on May 1st or September 30th.
We need to protect our healthcare system to handle the load, but we don't need to mislead ourselves over the outcome of this quarantine.
It is slowing it down, but not curing it.
If you're driving to Dallas from LA at 50 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour, the distance doesn't change.
If your lifestyle is causing you to have a weakened immune system, use this time to correct that.
Otherwise, you've placed a target on your own back.
Now is not the time for indulging in comfort food, it's a time to give ourselves the healthiest, most robust immune system our body is capable of."

Emphasis mine. The above quote comes from a Jeff Mays on FB, shared by a homeschool group friend. I know that he mentions lifestyle as the cause, but this just infuria

Observations in the time of Covid 19

Per social media/things I have actually seen people say on various websites:

Dh and I continue to 'live in fear' b/c we self quarantine.

All the media is corrupt and lying, except for Fox news, where they get their news.

The lying of the media started 3.5 years ago.

If we are worried about the virus and feel that opening up is happening too soon, we are
'afraid' and 'lack faith in God'.

If we are willing to go along with restrictions, we are contributing to 'loss of rights and
freedoms' and 'clearly don't deserve those freedoms'.

Following the directional arrows in stores is bowing to the man, and a loss of freedom,
bc 'no on has a right to tell me how to shop', even in a privately owned business.

Ignoring these arrows and mask requests is a strike for freedom. Rise up!

And that old canard, if we don't like it, we can just move to a socialist county, where we
will surely be more happy.

 Interesting times we live in, to be sure.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I can see clearly now...

Well, more clearly.

People are going stir crazy. Or maybe they were always crazy, who knows?

At this point in the quarantine, some interesting facets of people I know are coming out,
and it ain't always pretty. Once again, I'm stuck in the middle, unable to fully support a side. Sigh.

Yes, I agree that it is madness to limit what items we can buy when out shopping.

Yes, It is madness that people are being 'tagged' at drive in church, and the tag # given to the Health Dept for a 'home visit' to order quarantine.

Yes, it is BEYOND insane that one of the WHO people think that it is a good idea to pull people from their homes if they have symptoms. * At the end of my rifle, friend. That's a line.

And more. But folks are freaking out at 'loss of freedom', 'first amendment', ect, ect.
People I go to homeschool group with are calling folks sheeple, kool aid drinkers, ect. 'Line up to get on the train when they tell you to', "They'll jump for joy over a vaccine when it comes out", ect.

Well, yes. Isn't that the goal? To get a vaccine for this thing? "How disappointed they'll be when it's only as affective as the flu" laughing emoji here, several times.

It's the old "I got mine, too bad for you" mindset. "Let the at risk ones stay home, the rest of us should be FREE" Until you, not showing symptoms, infect ME, who HAD to go out for medicine, and then I take it home to my at risk husband, who then DIES. But you do you, sweetheart, and rock that freedom all the way to ICU. If not you, then those you infect.

Yes, I'm bitter. Maybe I'm going stir crazy, too. I can and am calling names, too.  I have not engaged these folks but once, when I got all the diversions and excuses. Let them foam at the mouth, I have nothing else to say about it, in public/FB.  I hope and pray this is on the downswing, but our state is showing up to 1000 more each day with new testing.

Tonight, there was a segment on the local news that a person from the county over had come to our county on April 9 for a FUNERAL/VISITATION (ought to fine the funeral home for that, sue me), then then went on a family gathering in yet another county, and visited several CHURCHES!
This person is now HOSPITALIZED. Did I mention that he or she was SYMPTOMATIC during all this? And they did it anyway. Freedom. Merica. SMH (shaking my head)

People act like they are the first to be asked or made to comply with limiting orders. The first to ever be held away from church. How easily they fall. True persecution would destroy them quickly, I fear.

People make me tired.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

He ain't heavy....

He's my brother.

My brother died today. Od'd in the bathroom of a drug dealers house with a needle in his arm.

It wasn't a surpise, when the coroner called, I knew what it was about.

My brother was an addict most of his life, and could be mean and vengeful. When he was straight, he wasn't a bad guy. Like most addicts, life/people were always against him. Always someone else's fault. Well, not this time. He put the needle in his arm, and brought us all this point.

He was baptized around 8, though at that age it's hard to say about true belief and understanding. He was 8 years older than I was, gave me horsey back rides until I got heavy enough it hurt his back. he loved a good looking car, gave our grandparents fits when I was growing up. He could cook very well, kept a clean house.

He took care of our mama when she was sick with Alz, moving in w her, though that was mainly due to impending homelessness. He pawned a lot of her stuff. If I hadn't had her house/car in my name, my sister and I would have had a fit with it after she died. He was selfish like that, held grudges.

He loved a good joke, had a beautiful smile. Thick, curly, dark hair, always seemed so tall to me, until these later years of bad health. He'd had 2 toes amputated, a heart attack or two, bad neuropathy in his feet. I saw him usually once or twice a month, to give him his SS check, and to take his mail to him if I forgot on check day. I saw him last a few days ago, he was fine. Hurting in his feet, as always.

We said I love you before I got in the car and left. I didn't always like my brother, but I loved him just the same.

May God have mercy on the soul of my brother, Craig Stephens. 1965-2020.