Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's good to have a dog...

Especially when he's as cute as this one!

This is Juice, our neighbor's dog. He hangs out at our house quite a bit, as his owners work a lot, and we feed him, lol.  He's friendly to all during the day, but at night? All bets are off! He nearly tore up the pizza delivery lady one night (she got back in her truck).

So, not only do we get a great house, land and a pond, we get a dog, too! Win.
Happy Sunday, y'all!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All good things...

Weekend tally:

Got it all done, but the mowing. That's halfway done (dh ran out of gas, and we had to leave to pick up a dining set), so basically, WIN!

Tomorrow dh goes on 12hr graveyard, blah. But yay for the paycheck, lol.

I'm considering the book First Prize Pies. It has a root beer pie in it that I bet ds will be
bonkers for, as he's a root beer fanatic.

Awana is tomorrow, soccer is Thurs, along with my freezer delivery. Friday will hopefully
be quiet and stay at home. I surely need it!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Family Four-Day

When dh comes home tonight around 10, he will be off for 4 days, woohoo!

Weekend plans include:

Having the drum filled with corn for the deer (more on LittlePond)
Pick up some fish food in bulk (for the pond fish)
Hang the rest of our curtain rods/curtains (two windows worth)
Hang a shelf in the 2nd bath

GO TO THE FAIR!! It's a new one this year, with lots of different stuff, so we're looking forward to that. I'll prob go up with Ds again on the Ferris Wheel, joy. lol

Church, which we've been slack on lately, both Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes it's b/c we're a one car family and Dh is at work, but sometimes? Honestly, laziness (not wanting to get out of bed/the house).

Cutting the grass with the new mower, esp down around the pond. That will be nice.
Doctor apt for me, and lunch out while we're there.
Finishing cleaning out the shed at the old place (we hope).
Dh wants to get his tree stand up and play with it. I mean, try it out, lol.

Just do whatever we feel like it when we feel like it, really. We may get to the 'stuff' and we may not. But we'll be together, and be sure to throw in a game of Catopoly or two while we're at it!

Happy Weekend!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Laundry Monday

Dh is back to work today, and I'm on the laundry.
Lots of towels and jean shorts (dh) to wash.

Need to do the bedding, we'll see if we get that far. Homeschool has to happen
today sometime as well. It's cool (72 in the house with no a/c) enough that Ds
is wearing his fleece pajama bottoms, but it feels fine to me.

Outside in the sun is nice and warm, but not overly so. I love fall!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


We're safe. No major damage.
Update on Life on Little Pond (

Thank you, Jesus!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weathering the storm

So, there's a Hurricane (Matthew) on the way.
Here in SE Georgia, the coast is evacuating, and has been for a couple days now.

Our town is running low on gas, bread, milk and other foods. We are 45 miles from the coast, on a
main evac route. Our county is NOT evacuating. We are somewhat higher than the coast here, so I don't ever remember an evac for us.

We are expecting tropical storm winds, a LOT of rain, and power outages. Here at Little Pond, we are stocked and ready to go, with extra gas for the grill to cook with. Last hurricane, the night we stayed here the first time, there were folks in our county out of power for 16+ hours. Nothing to what those in the direct path will get, I know, but still a hindrance.

We didn't lose power at our home, but it could happen this time. Matthew is expected to loop around next Monday and possible hit again! This one is crazy, folks.

Pray for the people in the SE (not just GA), the emergency personnel that will be out working and keeping folks safe and the linemen that will inevitably be in harms way. Lord, be merciful!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu Monday and a Frugal bit, too!

Chicken: I have a huge pack of breasts in the freezer. Way too much for us, I prob shouldn't have bought it. However, I'll cook them all and:
BBQ some
Fajitas with others
Alfredo with the rest

Hamburger: Tacos, Hamburger Helper 2x

Ham and cabbage w potatoes

Hash brown casserole w ham

Potato soup with ham

Roast beef sandwiches from a cooked roast/leftovers in the freezer

This is not in order, of course, just choose what you want as you go, lol. I'm shopping today or tomorrow, so I'll supplement the above with some fish, and breakfast grits bowls (with egg and bacon and cheese). So, about two weeks worth of food, most from the freezer/on hand. Not bad!

This could be a frugal post, too! :D

Lunches will be sandwiches (have to get the meat and bread), soups, grilled cheese, leftovers, ect.
Today I had spaghetti (for the third day in a row) to use up the sauce I made last week. Not bad!