Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cocktail, anyone?

A chandelier at mayo. Not sure if its an indicator of what we will need when this is over or not, lol. Should I be worried? 😊

Mayo, day 1

Dh at registration for transplant eval.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Timmy's in the well!

Or rather, the smell is.

I've had one well guy show up and look at the well. It's shallow, not deep. He recommends starting over and drilling a deep well. $3700. Er...

There is a filter on it, red with iron. He never suggested changing it, just said there wasn't anything he could do about the smell (other than a new well). Hmmm....

I've done more reading, and it's caused by sulfur (obviously). The toilet tanks are also black with slime b/c of it. Eww, I know. There are systems offered that propose to fix the problem, for a few hundred bucks. Before I shell that out, I'm calling yet another well drilling company, this time from out of town, to ask them about it Monday.

Could changing this filter make a difference? Or does it just filter out the iron only? We may try that first, as a small step, cheap measure. We could do the deep well, but it would seriously hurt us in other monetary matters (2nd way of going/car which we really need, other upgrades on the house).

If the concentration isn't too high (have to have it checked), we could live with it, but it makes cleaning clothes difficult, can stain/discolor dishes, ect. It tastes bad (so they say, I'd never drink it) and can make foods cooked in it taste off (never cook with it, either). I don't even want to bathe in it, it's that bad.

Let's pray the filter idea fixes it, b/c if not, we're either getting a new well, or investing in a water delivery until we can. Sigh...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keeping cool, but smelling badly...

Weird title, huh? lol

Today I bought our refrigerator for our new house.
Then, I changed it.  Yep, the saleswoman loves me!

See, we have an upper cabinet that is only 67" high in the fridge space.
Crazy, b/c who puts a cabinet that low there???????? Apparently, the Fleetwood
people, sigh. The width is a full 36", however.

At first we thought we'd have to settle for a 19cf, as I want a freezer on the bottom.
I wasn't happy, but decided to live with it. THEN, I saw that instead of the pull out
drawer, it has a swing door. Uh, NO. The top rack of the freezer doesn't even pull out!

You'd have to get on your knees and reach in to get anything off that shelf. Insane!
So we decided to settle for a double door/side by side. Ugh. I hate the tiny fridge space.
But, I bought it. Even though there was one online with a pull freezer on the bottom that
would fit. It was $500 more. Money is an issue, so I declined.

Got home. Got to thinking about my MILs side by side, and how much I dislike it. Really
dislike it. I've had a s/s before, and wasn't fond of it then. So, I called Sears back and told
them to stop the s/s order and change it to the online French door. I go back tomorrow to
pay the difference. I figured it was worth it, as I'll prob have this fridge many years.

ALSO, the water in the new house smells. Like sewage. Ewww, I know.
Everything online tells me it is either in the drains (it's coming from the faucets), the lines
and plumbing, the water heater, or the well itself.  I've called a driller (well driller) to come
check it out and see if he can find out the problem. He said maybe a softener, but I've read
that those can make it worse.

We go to the house tomorrow to see if the faucet at the well smells bad. If so, it's likely
the water source itself. We can shock the well, and that will help, I've read. The well man
said most of the wells on our highway smell bad, so it may be a location thing.

Depending on what we find tomorrow, I may have a sample sent in for testing to make
sure it's safe to drink and bathe in. But I won't be drinking it, as long as it smells like it
does! Truthfully, I don't want to bathe in it either, nor run a dishwasher from it. Oh, and
the icemaker on our new fridge, sigh...

Let's hope we can figure this thing out before the 1st, when they bring the fridge. :/

Monday, August 15, 2016


Today, I feel tired and frustrated.

Tired because I didn't sleep well last night (common for me), and frustrated and irritable because well, this house. I want out of here, and into the light, bright space that is our new home. The tight quarters and dark rooms depress me.

Lack of a/c in the kitchen and baths makes cooking and bathing a chore, rather than relaxing and fun.
I'm trying to bear up with the leaks, the darkness, the tons of STUFF that have to be gone through before we can move. All I want to do is sleep. Or go on vacation somewhere bright and cool.

This week, and next week, then we can focus on moving for REAL. The paint will be done, the carpet installed. Bedroom furniture won't be here til the 9th, due to backorder, but we have our mattress at the house and an inflatable for the boy.

When we come back from Jax, Dh is going to get the kitchen leak/lines fixed asap, and we are moving in. I'm over this place, grateful for it still, but ready to move on.

Lord, give me strength not to grouch, fuss or yell about little things. Your timing is always best, but I have to say, sometimes hard to wait for! lol

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's up Wednesday!

ACTIVITY FOR TODAY: Meeting with the painter to get supplies/paint, and go over last minute instructions for the house. Sign the boy up for soccer, mail off a bill, see about the holdup with selling our current home.

IN THE KITCHEN: Three cheese tortellini in garlic parmesan sauce with diced ham and broccoli added, IF we can be home in time. If not, eating out (again, sigh). Other things on the menu are:

Crock Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes
Fish Sticks, Mac n Cheese
Chicken something or other, lol
Pork Chops, Rice and Beans

WHAT I'M READING: Not really anything much at all. I keep up with blogs, and FB, but that's about it. I have a Kindle full (3000+) of books, but no interest in any of them. Too busy with the new house! I have downloaded several new Grace Livingston Hill books lately, and I'm looking forward to starting those someday.

WHAT'S ON TV: Mario. Or Kirby. Or wrestling (Dh) or Deadliest Catch (Dh). I don't really have anything I watch on my own. I could do without TV, to be honest (but never internet, lol).

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Moving into Little Pond, hopfully before September! Seeing how the paint looks on the walls, it's going to be such a change. Same for carpet, will it be too grey, or too beige? I can't remember! lol Getting our new furniture!  (yes, I'm excited about moving, lol)

NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Five days spent in Jacksonville for Dh's kidney transplant evaluation. The boy is staying with Nana/MIL, and we will likely get a room there for convenience sake, if we have all day appointments. Going to be tiring if so.  It's  about 2 hours or so down there, but to do that every day, back and forth? No thank you. Room it is. Hmmm, might be nice, a mini vaca, Dh all to myself....we could get into all sorts of trouble! lol ;D

VERSE FOR THE DAY: B/c of something that came up with the title to our home/selling it, I'm focusing on Exodus 14:14, The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.

And He will! He's gotten us this far, He'll see us through. Whatever is going on with this (seeming) snafu, He will work it to our good. Yes, He will!

Have a great, super, awesome rest of the week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What a difference...

A day makes!

We will be hiring out the painting, after all. God is so good, and always on time!
(and yes, many times His right time coincides with my 'want' time, lol) We met up
with the painters for more discussion today, and they will likely start next week.

Now we can focus on the small things. Drains, faucets, blinds, tiles, and a back door.

Tomorrow is a Sav trip that makes the painting possible, then more carpet pulling.
The a/c is working fine, but it's SO quiet you think at first it's not blowing inside.
We actually called them (a/c people) about it, then 15 minutes later when it turned
cool, realized that yes, the air was working properly.

We ain't used to such fancy, rich man's ways. LOL
The air in our singlewide (when it worked, that is) is floor vented, and has always
been loud, even when new. It blew like a hurricane, whereas the new house is more
subtle, the flow softer, silent. However, I am NOT complaining, merely relating a funny.

Oh, we did call the a/c guys back and let them know. They had a good laugh, too. :)

Up at Little Pond: MBath pic, Pic of paint color chosen and shown in online photo,
details of work done today. Happy Tuesday!