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Thursday, August 13, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things...

Drake, Mario and the Wii U tablet.
(of course the latter are HIS favorite things, but still)

Summer is moving on, we're staying in and keeping cool.  Two family/friend birthdays are coming up, so that's something to look forward to.

I'm writing away, working on yet another story/fanfic. The previous finished up at six full chapters, this one should be done in three, maybe four.  I'm loving all the ideas that are coming to me. InuYasha forever! lol

Friday, July 31, 2015

Werds, Werds, Werds

My imagination has been humming here lately.

I finished a fanfic that had been languishing for two years, and started another. This time a modern InuYasha AU. I'm working on chapter 4 now. This is new for me, as I usually stay within the canon universe/historical.

 I also have another AU, also IY that's one chapter down.  One chapter of a modern original story that's been waiting for further inspiration and several chapters of a fic that likely won't see FF as it has an OC. Still, I'm having fun.

So I'm writing and creating and I am loving it.  Another development is my writing requirements. I used to be unable to 'hear' the story if the tv were on, people were talking/playing/ect. That's one reason I gave it up, no more quiet time. 

Now, all that's no real problem as long as the tv, boy and dh aren't loud.  The words just flow easily.

I'm really glad to be creative again.  It's calming and exciting all at once, and a great distraction from the 'things I cannot change' parts of life.  In my stories, I can change anything I want!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gotta love this boy

So, tonight Drake wanted a ham sandwich for supper. He didn't want to wait for the hamburgers I was cooking. So I asked if he wanted cheese on it, and he agreed. Then he said he also wanted....

Peanut Butter!

On the ham sandwich, not a separate sandwich.  Err....Ok.
So I made the sandwich with ham and peanut butter (no cheese because that's just beyond me).

He declared it 'tasty' and said 'I like it'.  He  must have, b/c he ate every bit of it. 

Then, while playing a particularly tricky part of Mario Party 10, he stated that:

Laba is really Laba-y.

Yes, son. Yes, it is.

Laba?  Lava.

I love this crazy kid.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's a VBS kind of summer

So far this year, Drake has attended three vacation Bible schools.
One at our church, Calvary. One at First Baptist, and the last at Odum Baptist my home/growing up church.

He has loved each one of them.  From water balloon fights, to inflatable slides to a makeshift splash pad each church has incorporated not only sound Biblical teaching and music but great all around fun, as well. I am thankful for such dedicated and caring volunteers that make these VBS's happen.

Let the little children come unto me, indeed!

We've had the best discussions on the way home from each. Heaven, Hell, Attributes of God, Angels, clouds in Heaven and HOW will we walk on them without falling through? (lol) to a simple discussion of Salvation.  Slowly but surely he's learning and growing in the Lord.

I love this boy, and I'm so proud and grateful to be his mama!

Drake, down front in green. The lady on the right with the white cap is Mrs. Jackie Perkins. This wonderful lady taught ME when I was Drake's age. Passing it on...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pics and Happy Birthday to Me!

From Family Day:
 Look at those tiptoes! Adorable.

 Total focus, he loves playing pool.

 Check out that masterful grip, lol.

Ready to bowl with his green ball (his favorite color, as you might can tell).

My new Vivofit tracker!  Hooray, now maybe I'll have some motivation to be more active. My birthday isn't til Bastille Day but hey, who's complaining? Let's get fit!

Family Day!

Yesterday was Family Day!
We had a great time at Strike Zone playing pool and bowling.

The boy was upset b/c he didn't knock all the pins down/his fave green ball didn't go in the hole, but once he got over his mad, he started to have fun. And so did we!

Pics to follow, stay tuned.

We finished the day at Denny's, but that was unfortunately not as pleasant. Note to self:
When you order the Nachos, do notice the ZESTY modifier in the TITLE and take it seriously.

Those things were zesty like rocket fuel! To the moon, Alice, and I ain't kiddin'.  The manager was kind enough to offer an alternative, so b/c the boy didn't like the pizza, they brought him some mac and cheese. He ate it all, then shared the 3 scoop cookie sundae with me.  So not a bad finish.

Got a good word from one doctor yesterday (reason for the out of town visit).  Thyroid is perfect, BP is normal.  Blood sugar is up. High.  I knew this. Turns out, I haven't been taking my meds right. Again!  I completely forgot the dr's instructions on my last visit and didn't up the dose of one med.

At least I know WHY the numbers weren't going down. Now I can fix it, hopefully.

Happy Summer!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Why the long face?

So, the Supreme Court ruled on  same sex marriage, making it legal in all fifty states.

And the internetz went 'splody.  Seriously, you would think the world was coming to an end. Some FB posts seemed to be angling toward Christ coming back imminently (because of this).

Doom and gloom, wails and moans. 

People, pick up your heads!!  Remember Who you serve. He's got this, all we have to do is keep on being about His business.  Which is leading hearts to Him, not wasting time posting and lobbying and protesting THE WORLD BEING THE WORLD.

Of course the government ok'd it.  Of course people are happy about it.  But the Christian community acts like it has no idea how to act when sin is so in your face.  Chicken little, anyone??

Calm down, refocus on HIM.  In this world you WILL have trouble, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.