Thursday, November 24, 2016

What we ate...

B/c I know you are dying to know!
Actually, I love to read about other families menus, so I thought I'd
share ours here. MIL hosted, and cooked everything. I offered for the
ham, and a dessert, but she decided to handle it by herself. She did an
outstanding job!

Ham (in the crockpot, so dang good)
Mustard Greens
Fordhook Lima Beans
Cornbread Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Potato Salad
Yeast Rolls

Chocolate Cake
Banana Pudding

Soft Drinks

I'm already planning my Christmas Menu (more on that closer to time, as I'm hosting),
table settings, ect. I love holidays and entertaining!

Happy Thanksgiving

May your day be joyful, full of loving family/friends, delicious food, and God's richest blessings!

Friday, November 18, 2016

At Granny's House

I grew up in a very small town in Southeast Georgia. It was more of a village really, with a population of around 200. Everyone knew everyone, and had for generations.

The house I consider my childhood home was built, I believe, in the 1940's. It was a typical cottage style of the area, the type known as center-hall. The bedrooms on one side, the living areas on the other. All opened to the hallway via closing doors.

There was a double fireplace, in the first two bedrooms. The last bedroom (mine and my mama's) had no heating or cooling. The first two bedrooms also had window a/c's in them. The living area consisted of living room and dining in one (the separating wall had been removed before I was born in the 70's). There was a hip high gas heater on the outside wall, and a window unit/ac next to it.

That heater and a/c kept the living/dining and kitchen comfy all year round. The kitchen was small, with no built in counters. There was a stove, a dryer (that served as a counter, until it was moved to the back porch and replaced with a self hook up dishwasher), a long cast iron enameled sink and drain board under the windows, a corner shelf, a washing machine (more counter space)  and refrigerator. There were built in upper cabinets and the dishes were kept in a separate pantry known as the 'wig cabinet'. It once held a great aunts beloved wigs, and was quit sturdy.

Off the kitchen was the closed in back porch. We ate breakfast at the small table there, the dryer was removed there in my childhood, Granddaddy kept the coffee maker and toaster out there, and it was heated by a smaller gas heater. We had a long chest freezer that I loved to scrape the ice shavings from to eat.  The back door was here as well, with it's concrete rectangle for a step, that was so, so, cold even in summer. Nice to sit on and eat watermelon and popsicles on a hot day!

The bath was on the other side of the house and entered through the back porch. It had a plug in heater (of no use in winter, really), a tub (later a shower was added), single sink with no cabinet (later added), and toilet. My Granny kept towels and other bath stuff in an old dresser between the tub and wall. The fuse box was located there as well.

We had a front porch with swing and glider and two metal porch chairs, painted a popular green of the era. I recall the time the swing broke, with me and my pregnant sister (12 yrs older than I) in it. It scared me so bad I began to cry. "Are you okay? Is the baby okay?" She laughed and assured me they were both fine.

I had a tire swing in later years from the Catawba tree, but started out with a swing nailed to the enormous branch of the weeping willow that dominated the back yard. It fell in a rain storm one day, after many years of rot/disease had hollowed it out. It missed the house, but not by much.

The back of the property (1/3 acre in all) was a garden, and I remember springs of Grandaddy pushing the hand plow to break up the ground. The corn that grew so tall, and the yummy watermelon that I couldn't wait to ripen. Later, he had blueberry bushes, but they perished once I got a horse. The garden became the pasture, the grapevine was devoured.

We had lost the plum trees years before to disease, but the pear tree was bowed with the weight of its fruit, and the fig tree was a thing of beauty. Granny grew the tiny pink climbing roses on a tree outside the back door, and had a round flower bed on the side of the house that she tended, wearing her sun hat (red hair, easily burned).

The aforementioned Catawba (catalpa) trees (two of them) were a bane to me. Worms! They got on the laundry, fell on you when you walked under them, and even got into the house (the one by the back door). And don't get me started on the sight of the caterpillar nests in them. YUK, GROSS! All those worms crawling around in what looked like a spider (EEEK) web. No thank you! Granddaddy loved them b/c they made excellent fishing bait.

There was no garage. We parked catty corner in the front yard to either side, or in the back yard, or the side street under the big pecan tree. We left our doors unlocked at night, or just the hook latch on. This changed as I grew older. We had an antennae, and only cable when I was a teenager.

Life was simple, nothing fancy. We often had hotdogs and homemade fries for supper, or eggs and grits, when money was tight. Granddaddy worked as a butcher in our small town at the mercantile (yes, that was it's name), and Granny was a seamstress at the local factory, until it closed down.

She made me many wonderful things, dresses and coats and doll clothes galore. I would come in from school (I walked, one block) and find her sewing away on her old cabinet sewer, patterns and cloth all over the bed. It was wonderful.

I miss that old house (but not enough to move back), and I still dream of it regularly.  I hardly ever dream of the homes Dh and I have shared, it's always Granny's house where we live, and they are there with us.

We didn't have much money, but Granny's house was a warm, safe home for my mama, myself, my brother and sister. Thank you God, for grandparents that care, and sacrifice for their family! I am richly blessed to have those memories, and that family. This next Thursday, we will gather at my MIL's to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will have new family, and some will be gone from us, but I promise that Granny's House, and the people that lived there, will be high in my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post was inspired by the lovely blog at
Mrs. Sharon White has a new book available, about life at her mother's house,  and you can find it on Amazon. Highly recommend her blog and her work.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Change of Direction, and GRRRR...

So, Trump won.
People rejoice, people mourn.
People lose their blinking minds. On both sides.

I have seen 'I want to die', 'I'm leaving the country', 'I'm afraid to leave the house/go to work/live', on the part of the left. But I have also seen memes such as ' Ding dong, the witch is dead', and the one about history making b/c  a  'billionaire (Trump)moving into public housing (White House) after a black family (Obama's) have lived there'. And these, to me, are worse.

Shameful! No wonder the left cry racists, misogynistic, ect. We are playing into their fears and beliefs.

I expect crazy from the left, but the memes above, and others, are from folks on my FB that profess to be Christians.  STOP. You are hurting your witness!!

Yes, Trump won, but only by electoral college vote. SHE got the majority vote, and what does that say about our country? Nothing good, I can tell you that. Half our country sided with abortion, gay rights, and free immigration.  Chances are good in another generation or two, we will be outnumbered enough to swing even the EC. We should be focused on reaching these people and turning things around.

 Yes, she is a crook, but he has a laundry list of mess in his bag as well. He is not the great savior of America that people have called him. "Save us, Mr. Trump", "Trump, leading America back into the light" and other drivel.

He may bring about good changes, who knows. With no record to go by, it's hard to say. We'll just have to wait and see. He might be 'out of the frying pan into the fire', and God may have given us what we wanted, but it may not be what we thought we would get.

Everyone needs to cool it, stop the snark,  and wait and see. And pray.
Rant over. I hope.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Home days

It's a quiet day here, so far.
I got a fairly good night's rest last night (neuropathy in my feet keeps me up and down),
so was awake at 8:30. Unheard of!

So far today:

  • Made beds
  • Made breakfast
  • Cleaned breakfast
  • Swept kitchen and dining area
  • Wiped down counters and stove
  • Dishes washing in DW
  • Scooped kitty pan
  • Listed things on local online yard sale
  • One load of laundry going
Still to do:

  • Vacuum
  • Dust/polish furniture
  • Swish, Swipe, and Sweep baths
  • Homeschool
  • Supper
  • Restain/varnish sewing machine and mantel pieces (maybe this weekend)
It's a bright, lovely day here in SE Ga. Still in the upper 70's, sometimes 80's, with lows
at night in the 50's. Skeeters are terrible at dusk, so feeding the fish and filling the deer feeder
are a pain.

Recently, we found 4 rockers for our porch at a great deal, and will be getting those today or
tomorrow. I'll post about that on Little Pond when it happens, with pics.

I'll leave you with this, our new living room sign, that sums up how we feel perfectly:

And it really is. Not because of any THING we might have, but because of WHO we have in our lives, and HE who is our Savior. Blessed be the Name of the Lord our God!

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Halloween of many guesses!

My little Zombie and Crazy Dave!
No, Dh isn't a pot head, a metal head, or Johnny Appleseed (my favorite guess).
It's a Plants vs Zombies (video game) thing!

Seriously, one guy asked for a selfie with Dh and asked for a toke, another told him to use the pot to
beat off the skeeters, another where was his guitar, another asked to use the pot to cook black eyed peas, and one little girl went to shouting, "Look, mama! It's Johnny Appleseed! HI!!"

Of course, Dh waved at her and made her day. Dh wins Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Simple Saturday

It's been a nice week here at Little Pond.

Ds's soccer team is moving on the next stage of the semi finals. If they win this next
game, they go for the Championship! They have a dedicated, kind coach this year, I wish he were our coach every year, he's that good with the kids. Pushes, but not cruel or hard, you know?

Trust me, we've seen some doozies (a doctor and his wife, both coaching the same team), yelling, screaming, pointing and physically (as in hands on them) putting them where they want them. Awful.
I mentioned it to a parent on that team, and she said, " I guess we're just used to it". Sad! And terrible. There is no way my kid is going through that. The coaches even had clipboards and were showing the kids plays on it. Crazy, it's U8!

Anyway, we've gotten a couple of interior shelves up, one in the closet, and one in the utility room. Replaced two flood lights with new ones, mowed more grass, saw more deer on the deer cam, untold loads of laundry, ect. lol

Thursday Dh and went to Bwk for his birthday celebration night. We ate at Longhorns and saw a movie. I picked up a small countertop tree at Michaels for Ds's bathroom for Christmas, along with a few ornaments for it. Dh got a deer hanger at Dicks, next door. We had a good time, and it was nice to get away by ourselves (son stayed with Nana).

Ds complained the next day of a sore throat. We went to soccer practice, but cut it short b/c he was really feeling bad. AppleCare says no strep, and today he's feeling fine. Weirdness. 

I wonder if it's from the cinnamon pine cones we brought home from Michaels? Dh loves them, and so do I, in a big store with lots of ventilation. Here in the house? My sinuses swell up and my throat gets irritated something awful. No sniffles or runny nose, but just annoying. I bagged them up last night, and today I'm good to go. Hmmm.....

Dh is on 12's dayshift this weekend, so we'll be staying home. Baked spaghetti for supper tonight, yum. I make it extra cheesy for Dh. He'll be home soon, so gotta go!

Happy Almost November Weekend!