Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today, my friendly scale told me I was 175lbs.

I've lost another 3lbs and have met my first goal. Wow. This feels really good. Looks like I may need more jeans to finish winter before I need new capris for spring! Well, I can live with that, lol.

New goal? 150lbs.
Here I come.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

You're outta here!

But really, thank YOU, Lord.

I'm down 10lbs in ten days with Weight Watchers.

I've gone sugar free (for the most part, still get it in bread, ect), reduced carb (but not low, I can't do that).  I eat all the fruit and veggies I want anytime, and I do eat a lot of them!

I haven't really exercised but I do try to hit a 5000 step a day goal. This is easy when we go out and about tending errands or for fun, but staying home and meeting it means using our treadmill, but that's okay. I also have a library of workout DVD's, from Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home series to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred all the way up to Shaun T's T25.

Me and Leslie get along fine, but the other's? Well, I'll work up to those, lol.

Happy Thurday!

Start weight: 188
Current weight: 178/9 it varies
Goal weight: 120

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Through my eyes

Here's a few more pictures I took on past excursions around our county. Above are some of the front windows of the farmhouse in an earlier post. I titled this one, 'Windows to the soul'

Here's a view of one entranceway of Piney Grove School, also pictured in an earlier post. My mother attended this school for time and loved it well.

And old farm house, and a red dirt road. My Georgia.

Wetlands, at the Ga Southern Raptor Center. A lovely afternoon walk.

This grand lady is located to the front and right of the farmhouse in the earlier post (the white wood one). The house in this above pic is to the left and back. There were THREE of these magnificent trees surrounding the house, but this was the best picture by far.

I hope to get out and capture more great images of my area, and when I do, I'll share some of them here. I hope your 2016 is going well, and that you are doing the things you love, for the ones you love.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs,  with French fries (Morningstar farms burger and 97% fat free dog) baked in oven.

Seasoned, baked Tilapia (Gorton's), cabbage, corn

Beef Roast, rice and gravy, peas.

BBQ chicken, pesto pasta, steamed carrots

Ham (in crockpot, so good), beans and rice

Soup (with leftover ham) *using leftover cabbage and other veggies, garlic bread stick

Lemon pepper chicken, baby potatoes, green beans

* All of this is allowed on WW, you just mind portion control. The chicken is whole breasts (no dark meat) and nothing is fried.


Toast with peanut butter and banana slices on top

Egg muffin (cheese and egg on muffin, I forgot the C. bacon)

Omelet with leftover ham and cheese

Sugar free oatmeal, fruit

Yogurt, sugar free, with fruit and toast


Leftover Hamburgers and hotdogs, baked chips

Tuna salad sandwich, fruit, chips

Salad with leftover chicken, fruit

Turkey sandwich, leftover soup, chips

Quesadillas (cheese and salsa), veggie sticks and dip


WW toffee bar
WW brownie
Salads (all fruit and most veggies are free foods)
Sugar free candies (hard, not chocolates)
Stick cheese
Sugar free hot chocolate (with a squirt of sugar free chocolate syrup to dress it up)
Apples with sugar free caramel syrup
Veggie sticks (carrots, celery, cucumber) with low fat ranch dip

All drinks are sugar free (I'm diabetic and finally taking this seriously, and it's showing in my numbers, woohoo!). I use instant tea mixes, Wyler's sugar free mixes, water. I don't like diet sodas, blech! If I can't have the real thing, I'll do without.

Today we ate at Wendy's, as we were in town. I had:

Grilled chicken sandwich (no sauce/mayo/dressing) only lettuce and tomato. Only used half the bun.
Side salad with half of one small dressing packet
Chili, small

I wasn't hungry for 4 hours, and this is amazing for me. I'm trying to be more mindful of when I'm actually hungry versus just wanting to snack/bored/stressed. Hard candy comes in handy here, but the sugar free can lead to....airiness, if you eat several pieces of it, lol.

I love WW so far, b/c you don't have to say NO to any food. Even pizza is allowed. There is no, 'don't eat pasta/bread/potatoes/rice', you just mind portions. Now, I'm one of those people who feel that if one piece of cake/scoop of ice cream/whatever is good, then four times that amount is perfect.

So it does take some personal responsibility. For me, this is the best choice.
So far, so good.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Counting points, or a new food mindset

I joined weight watchers last weekend, my first time to do so.

I debated on this choice for a while (weeks). I mean, I've lost the weight before (100lbs, going low fat), but I was single and much younger, without the health issues I have today.

I've found that I just cannot hold myself to a low fat diet while serving Dh and son regular foods. The temptation is too great. On my own, I can't seem to make those healthy meals happen, we just seem to eat the same things over and over again (m/c, fried steak, huge portions).

So I'm trying this for three months to see if it works FOR ME. Last weekend was a bust. I had no fruit in the house, and no salad foods for the 'free' options. The rest I could have managed, but the snacks killed it. Also, we were out of the house unexpectedly (broken breaker on the main box, fixed now), so my food was at the whim of MIL's house and what we ate out.

But I've done pretty good since Monday. I'm eating fresh fruit (rather than canned), and taking mind of my portions and snacks. The points (the new system is much more health and nutrient oriented) keep me accountable and give me a goal. When I do go over (I did today/Wed b/c I woke at 2am and got hungry) then I'm motivated to walk/work out more in response.

I've ditched all of the food blogs that aren't healthy, both here and on FB. No sense tempting myself with what I can't have. And having diabetes, WW is no real excuse either! I can't have those things. Alternative versions, sure. So I'm also looking into that (never thought I'd care about sugar free baking, but...).

This wasn't a New Year's resolution, but a decision I've reached after years of overweight and health issues. I'm going to try. It's long past time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hands wide shut

Warning, this might ramble.

Tonight was the first class of One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp at church. I've had the book a couple years, and read it once. I get her FB posts as well. Her writing is lyrical, like poetry or music.

In watching the accompanying video, Ann mentioned briefly about suffering from Agoraphobia.
I understand. Let me explain.

Agoraphobia (as defined by Ann): the fear of being in a place (or a situation) that you cannot easily escape from.

Yes, I too have agoraphobia. My situation (there are many, but I'll share one, for brevity) is my Dh's kidney disease. Right now, he sits at 22% function. He won't likely get sick until he's down to 10%, but b/c of the nature of this disease, we know it is coming (barring an intervention from God).

He will have to go on dialysis (which people live on for years, but his health could decline in other ways), and one day (if it comes) a kidney transplant (which brings issues of its own).

This hangs like a cloud over me some days. Usually, I'm able to push the fear away "leaving it in God's hands" and go about my day. But am I really leaving it with God, or using that as a platitude, a bandaid for the fear? Meanwhile, the fear remains, buried. And my trust in God does not grow, but gets tangled up in worry that manifests itself in other ways. Short temper, bitterness, lack of prayer, more...

1000 Gifts urges us to see the blessings and joy in EVERYTHING, and to be THANKFUL for everything. Well. That shoots a barb in my heart. I am not always thankful for everything, and I realized that there are some gifts that I just don't want.

Those gifts that come from pain, from suffering. My husband may have a difficult path ahead of him. It will affect our family, perhaps in not so happy ways. But there will be blessings in that, indeed the suffering itself can be a blessing.

Will I see it? Will I give thanks for that pain and hardship? Or will I keep my hands tightly clenched, refusing to accept the gifts, mercy and blessings that will surely be part of the package?

We can't receive (or give) anything with hands shut. We have to open them, taking everything that God offers to fully experience joy. How do we learn to do that? By being thankful for EVERYTHING, all the time. All. The. Time. Not just the big stuff: family, home, job, freedom.

But also the little things. Shadows on an old hardwood floor. A line of ants over the ground. The new green of grass breaking through the dry, brown old. The feel of tree bark on your hand. Breathing in the crisp, cold air of January morning. Extra jam on toast, the smell of fresh baked bread. The color of our sons blue eyes.

Those are the easy things, of course. We could easily list 1000 of those, they are all around us. But how often do we think to be thankful (Eucharisteo) for the hard, ugly stuff?

The kidney disease. The glaucoma, the diabetes. The money that never goes far enough. The car that's on it's last legs and then breaks down. The house that isn't worth repairing (and no money even if it was), the death of your only son (a family in my church went through this and is living and breathing thankfulness through their pain). Could we? Could I?

What blessings would open to me though such thankfulness? How much would I brim over with God's love and blessings until it had no choice but to spill over to everyone around me? How awesome would that be?

Am I brave enough? Can I open my hands and be grateful for all that my Father gives me, b/c he will never give a stone in place of bread to his beloved child? Can I trust? Is thankfulness the way to grow that faith and trust?

I'm going to try to find out. I'm going to list my own 1000 (or more, or less) gifts, being sure to mention all aspects of this life I've been given. To find the joy in the hard things, and open my hands, not only to receive, but to give.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stop....Menu Time!!

Okay, after that blast-from-the-funky-song-past title, here's what's eatin' in the Cash household this week. In no particular order, just whatever we feel like at the time.

Beef Roast (crock pot), gravy, rice, corn

Bacon Cheeseburger Burritoes (these ones:, red beans and rice **note: I'm adding bacon because...BACON!!

Ham, mac n cheese, lemon pepper green beans

Pork Loin, mashed potatoes, broccoli

Chicken Noodle Casserole (this one:  , garlic bread sticks

Ham Soup (from leftover ham, above), biscuits

Hoping you are all warm and well fed. Hugs!