Saturday, March 13, 2021

Embracing change

Hopefully for the better. Ds, now 12, was diagnosed with both Selective Mutism and 'on the spectrum' when he was....8? 9? We went to therapy a few times,and the dr was making progress at trust, by games and jokes, but then he went on 'sabbatical' and never came back! At that time, Dh was in a bad place, health wise. His needs got pushed to the front, a job was lost,insurance changes happened, and we left off therapy. I regret that, now. However, we have insurance that now covers the same place we were in before. We go to a diff office, and only once so far. Son is on fluoxatine, and clonidine. He says, three weeks in, that he thinks it's making a difference. We go back for check up next week. We met up with friends, for the first time in over a year. They now live 4 hours from us, but we 'met in the middle' where they were visiting her parents. Went to a park, and Ds and N picked up where they left off like it was yesterday. It did them both so much good! We are hopeful for the future, and I have finally 'embraced' his autism diagnosis. No more brushing it off as just 'on the spectrum', but accepting that this is his and our reality. This past year really brought out all the traits that I couldn't ignore any more. His frustration and depression were dreadful, and it was he that requested meds. Again, hopeful for better times. Dh is still on dialysis 3 days a week. Still on the list at Mayo Jax and Piedmont Atl. He has issues with his blood pressure dropping both at dialysis and sometimes at home. They cannot get it down, no matter the med changes, so when it drops to our normal numbers, he nearly passes out. So, clouds with our sun, but isn't that life? I'm doing okay. Bored. Not missing work, just the bit of money I brought in. But I cannot risk getting it, or giving it to DH. So I stay home. In happy news, I and he, may be able to get the vax soon. We'll know more on Mon. So, more sun! Mil took her second Moderna shot yesterday. She's the only other one in our circle, so glad of that. My fam remains silent. I did tag sister in a cute post, she replied about it, asked if I wanted more cats *NO! lol, but that was it. Son isn't comfortable having them over yet, so if I cook for St Pat's, it will be us, and perhaps MIL. We hope to get together with friends again in about 5 weeks, and we are invited to their new house once they are settled. They, like us, have been careful this past year, though they are far more strict than we have been. Having a spouse working in the ICU of a major hospital will do that. So, some good, some worrisome. We are still not back to church, though they did take up a collection for us in SS. They have been kind to us. I'm not sure when we will return. After vax? We'll have to see. I'm still working through a lot of bitterness bc of things said this past year, by our church members and others. Scales falling from eyes, and all that. Trying to figure out where and how we fit in, if at all. God's got this, of that I am sure. I hope your 2021 is much brighter and full of blessings!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Well, okay then

My pastors wife today shared on FB a photo of Ulysses S. Grant with the caption, "There are two sides now, patriots and traitors." Wow. Just wow. Nice way to alienate part of your husbands congregation. And to send a message to any church seekers in our town. Her FB is public. Why would I ever want to step foot in a building with these people? Worship with them, knowing they feel this way. Smiling to my face, while mocking me to my back. Bc she is only echoing the larger sentiment, and giving the 'go ahead' to others that it's okay to feel this way. Wow again. Way to create an echo chamber. The other day she shared that we should not put our spiritual health at risk by avoiding church. We should gather in person, and sing loudly. Our current prayer list is now 3 pages long. She has politicized the church. Like others equating mask wearing with burqas and government worship. Interstesting, seeing as how loyal they are to dear leader, and how she and others either blocked me or unfollowed me when I criticized his behavior. Very telling. Mind yourself, people. You are CHRISTIANS first. If not only. This world will pass away,and your salvation does NOT depend on what political party you follow, whether you wear a mask or not, and other such ridiculous drivel. FR posted how people who wore masks, called for online services, ect were going to hell. Mind yourselves. The evil one will come tickling your ears with what you want to hear, leading you like St Patrick to your doom. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Not just your R neighbor, your 'patriot' neighbor *I hate that word now. But seems like to day, you're only a good Christian if you are an R. Or a 'patriot.' Mind yourselves.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How interesting....

FR peeps *men, of course, claim that women should never have been given the vote. Apparently, that's the start of all our troubles. I do wonder if they 'allow' their wives/daughters to vote, encourage their mothers/aunts/ect. Or do they discourage them, being true to their beliefs. Inquiring minds want to know. Speaking of women being placed in Biden's admin, they snark about needing someone to fill coffee and bagels, worrying what to roast, ect. So clever. Do their daughters have careers? Is it ok that men speak of them this way? People ARE watching. They DO see. Attitudes like this are what drive people away from the R party. Claiming to be the moral majority *that's a joke, the Christians of America. Ha. Like I said about the mask mockers, keep showing me who you are. I'm not the only one watching.

Friday, November 27, 2020


People are still be extra about stuff. Ridiculous. I'm bored with it now, though. Same old, same old, everyday. Had a good Tgiving. Turkey, Ham, dressing/gravy, creamed corn, potato salad, greens (mustard, always), and rolls. Apple pie, red velvet cake, banana pudding. Ate too much, rolled into bed til 3am. Now, today, I am ready for a nap. Navy bean soup in the crock pot, ham in it. Might have some garlic bread alongside. After all that heavy stuff yesterday, I am ready for something a bit lighter, if beans can fit that bill. Oh well, my house smells divine. On to Christmas!

Friday, November 20, 2020

At least it's entertaining

Arm chair warriors. Calls for arms. True patriots. Ready for a dynasty. Kraken. She should be the next prez. He fights. Can take on the military. More mask whinery. Tyranny, blah, blah, blah. Ect, ect. Good reading on a blah day, I'll give it that. Something to look forward to each morning. That is all.

Friday, November 6, 2020


I wonder if the mail in ballots were in favor of trump, if it would still be fraud. Would he/they still call for them to be thrown out? Somehow I doubt it. Saw where bannon 'metaphorically' called for beheadings of people who 'didn't get in line', and free republic agreed with him. Calling for 'war,' and such. Interesting that the Reps didn't squall about Dems cheating in 16, bc Reps won, but now that they're behind, suddenly, there's cheating. I see a pattern here. A man was arrested for plotting to bomb? the Pa center where the votes are counted. Wonder what side he was on....I bet FR calls him a 'true patriot.' SMH, such things to be proud of. So this morning....Ga ballots are coming in from overseas from MILITARY. People are calling for these to be thrown out. So, they are so scared they are willing to snatch our soldiers votes from them. Not a good look for the 'military worshippers.' So much for every vote counts. If fraud was so widespread, why aren't they calling for Trump won states to be recounted? I mean, Trump could have EVEN MORE votes there!! Don't we want all the votes counted properly? Who can tell where fraud occurred for sure. Best to recount them all, right?? But no, it's only in the states that Trump is LOSING that fraud occurred. No word about the winning states, apparently, since T is winning those, fraud doesn't matter. Hmmm.... More thoughts to come, as this goes on.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Another rant, bc it's better than punching people in the face. I guess.

Update on birthday stuff: my nephew and fam did mail Drake a monetary gift. So there's that, I guess. He's stopped answering Dhs texts and calls, though. Dh used my phone to text him, asking if he was mad w us. He answered that, saying he was not, but had been working late. So why not answer Dhs texts about it? I don't know. Whatever. Sister still has yet to say or do anything. I wonder if it's because Dh is rather vocal about dislike of 'dear leader' on FB. Nephew isn't on Fb anymore, but might hear from Sister. I'm rambling, string of thought stuff here. Sorry. Doesn't matter. We're not close anyway. This year we will be eating with neice/dh side. Should be different, a nice change of pace. We don't plan to stay long, as Drake's anxiety will be high. And if there are a lot of people we def wont stay long. Not sure who shes invited. Small house, so small crowd/family only, maybe. People on FB losing their minds over the election. Cannot imagine that so many people would come out to vote against dear leader. lol Just saw a family friend on Fb say that people go on disability bc 'their arms and legs ache.' Uh-huh. She's ab 60, still able to drive a tractor, do yard work, ect. No med issues with her or her husband. Then people are mad bc FL raised the min wage. If you point out that everything ELSE is going up but pay, they say you should get a better job. Don't have skills for that? Go to school. But I can't afford school. So, they say, get a better job. Better yet, get TWO! Can't get a better job w/o skills, tho. So go to school! See where this is going? It's the old 'I've got mine, too bad for you' attitude. And they are so righteous about it. So holier than thou. Talking about we'll be waiting on dr visits and people wont be able to get meds. NEWSFLASH, they can't afford the damn meds NOW! Or the procedures they need on the cheapie insurance that's the only one they qualify for or can afford. I know, I have the 'cheapie' insurance. Ugh. Talking about taxes going up. Wah, wah, wah. They like everything else, are going up anyway. At least we ought to get something for them, like insurance, help for the poor, ect, rather than a shiny new air force jet or army tank. I'm not saying defund the military, but what is so wrong with helping people up to your level???? I was once one of those gung ho, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, work for what you have people. Still think people should work for a living. But some people need help getting out of poverty. That's a fact, jack. I'm ashamed of America. Whining over little masks, mocking deaths as nothing, poo poo-ing the poor, and more. Don't get me started on stuff like DACA, or the kids in cages. Might not have caused it, but this admin hasn't done much to help with either. I'm tired of people. I hate Ga. If we could afford to move, we would. Anyone want to adopt us? sigh.....