Saturday, June 4, 2016

Change for the better...

Lots of that going on here lately.
Change, that is.

1. We've had our land cleared. All the big trees and small, brushy dogwoods are gone. There are maybe a dozen large trees on our single acre of land, and most of them at the sides and land line. The front yard is tilled up and growing a modest few rows of grass (all the seed didn't take). The back is rough with roots and wood chips, and we have huge piles of limbs and brush to burn and clear away. We'll get on that in July, once all the stuff is dry and ready to burn.

2. Our a/c died. As in, the compressor is caput. 
We are using two window units, one in the LR (it also cools Drake's room a bit, with an additional floor fan), and one in our BR. It's cool enough, and bearable for now.

3. We are looking into a new home. Not sure how this is going to turn out. We want to move from this land, even with the cleanup (a neighborhood issue), but can't afford a decent sized house (yet).
We continue to look, both at regular listings and foreclosures. Former plans are on hold/maybe scrapped.

We'll see how it all goes.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Awards Night

For Awana at Calvary Baptist Church.

He's very noise-sensitive, hence the hands over the ears. He doesn't sing, either. :)

Receiving his award from Mr. Shannon, his teacher.

Taking his seat. We were so proud of him for going up at all. He's SO very shy, and would have stayed in the pew, but I bribed him with smiley faces *his reward system that leads to wii games.

Waiting patiently to be done. He's getting so big!

Next week starts Shine, our summer program. We've never done this one before, but it seems to be popular. He's also signed up for VBS at our church and First Baptist. Not in Odum, as theirs was the same days as FB, but in the evenings. Two in one day for four days is just too much for all of us. His former teacher, Miss Amy, was sad when she heard he wouldn't be joining them this year.

He's finishing up baseball, only a couple more weeks to go. Then Tennis Camp for four days in late May. After that, we'll have to see what's on offer. Swimming, maybe?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Signs of Spring

Time of change, renewal and rebirth. I love it!

On nice days, I like to walk the perimeter of my front yard (just a bit under half an acre). It's about 250 steps or so one time round. I try to hit four times for 1000 steps. Still, that's a lot of walking!

I noticed new growth on our trees. This is looking sideways across half our yard at the empty lot next to us in the background. Our house is to the right, the road to the left.

This is one of the dogwoods in bloom. You can see the road and our neighbor's fence.  Our house is behind me here.

And maybe the best sign of spring: Baseball! Drake is not only on the Flea division team, but we've also signed him up for classes at Field of Dreams Hitting School. Two lessons and he's already making contact with the ball and showing much more confidence in himself.

He's hitting left handed here, but has switched to right handed and has more power. He also throws with his right, but writes with his left. Crazy.

It's going to be a great season!
Happy Spring, y'all!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

An Historical Tour

At Fort Frederica.

Last Tuesday was Dh's final day of a four day weekend, and we headed to the islands. Saint Simon's Island, to be exact. This place is full of history, reaching all the way back to the Colonial Era (we were the 13th colony, after all).

Fort Frederica was a vital part of that history. In several skirmishes, the soldiers of this fort were instrumental in holding off the Spanish encroachment and keeping the Carolina's (and the rest of the country/colonies) safe. B/c of their victories, America flourished.

The fort is in ruins now, on a couple of buildings/walls remain. There are plenty of excavated homesites, with signboards telling about who lived there and what they did. It's a fascinating place.

Ready? Here we go!

Here we are just outside the gates of the fort, at the Old Burial Ground. Not much is known about this area, as it was in ruins even in 1858. It sits just beside the Military Road, that ran between Fort Frederica and Fort Saint Simons (now the lighthouse area).

Here we are at the entrance to the Fort grounds. The gates are gone but you can see the lovely live oaks in this area. There is a moat (with water in parts of it) and earthen embankment remaining all around the Fort.

Next, we look down Broad Street (this is about 75% of the way down) to the Fort and the marsh/Frederica River. This street would have been lined with homes and businesses (sometimes in the same house). It was about 75' wide and would have been a nice thourofare to stroll down. To either side of Broad Street were more alley's and streets with homes and businesses.

Here you can see the tabby that the Fort is made from. The marsh is to my back here. This was the munitions depot, so to speak. It has two barrel vaulted rooms side by side, and you can see the door jamb noches in the tabby still.

Lastly, we wander over the (now) open field to the Barracks. You can see the outline of the building here in white shell. It would have housed the unmarried soldiers and could hold about 100 men. The marrieds would have lived in the town proper. 

There's lots of open field/meadow now, and gorgeous oaks that bow down to the ground. You can see across the marsh to the mainland and Brunswick, and the entire place just feels so secluded. It was a lovely day here, and we enjoyed ourselves so much.

I hope you did, too!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

That time of year....again.

Baseball season!

And this year, it IS baseball. No more T's for our boy.
Being in the 7/8 year old division (Flea), this year he's the smallest on his team, rather than the biggest as in previous seasons. He's also the least co-ordinated, slowest and just the player that needs the most improvement. :)

He's never been particularly sports-oriented, and is far more an indoor kid (Mario for the win!). But his coaches are really taking time with him, working him on throwing and fielding, having him run hard (poor boy runs so funny) and such. He's worn out after every practice, but he always says he's ready for the Wii U! I guess they aren't working him too hard, after all. :)

Well, whether or not he ever becomes proficient at sports (of any kind) isn't important. That's not our goal. We just want him to enjoy being on a team, working with other kids, taking direction from coaches, learning about rules and organization, and just having FUN. That's what will last, we hope.

In other news, I'm still battling in the 170's. I go from 170 to 175, back and forth, depending on the day, or hour. It's crazy! I'm staying within points and walking more than ever (7500+ steps a day) so hopefully I'll be in the 160's soon.

FIL took us out to eat at Pelican Point/The Fish Dock last night. It's a seafood/steak buffet place in Crescent, Ga. It was pretty good, and I admit to using up all my points (weeklies) on it. Blackened Mahi Mahi, Prime Rib, mac n cheese, dirty rice, steamed veg, shrimp, salad, cheesecake and a few bites of chocolate cream pie. Yeah, crazy. :)

I needed it though. Yesterday was 2 years since Mama fell and went into the coma, and died 13 days later (March 18). I didn't wear my tracker, work out, or even try. I slept most of the day, actually. It was worth it. A mental break day, for self care.  I don't usually get upset much about her death on a day to day basis, but here lately (time of year for it) I have been very emotional.

I miss my Mama. And it's ok that I took a day off and had a nice meal and got some extra sleep. Today is a new day, and I'm ready for it. We have communion at church, and I'm so eager for that. I'm ready to get walking again and keep up my fitness journey, and enjoy this life that God has blessed me with.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

On being led astray...

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I made a cake. A cinnamon (sin-namon) apple cake with buttercream frosting and cinnamon sugar sprinkles for our church benevolence committee (for a grieving family).

I was okay with the lovely scent pervading my house as it cooled, but when I frosted it? Y'all, I'm so ashamed. I LICKED THE SPOON!! Sobs.

Now this evil confection is taunting me from the kitchen, tempting and teasing with it's luscious, from the devil scent. I have got to get this thing out of my house. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE.

Maybe I could take it to the church now and leave it at the door? No, someone will find it tonight and eat it and I PROMISED the committee I'd make it for the family and deliver it before 3:30pm Saturday/today.

That's over 12 hours away. 12 hours, y'all. I am going to die. Or bathe in the thing One or the other. Say a prayer!

**Actually, I'm fine. But it does smell mighty good. I put a lid on the dish and now I can't smell it anymore, haha. It's a clear lid, though. I can see it. Sin-amon sugar all glistening and sweet, creamy frosting so decadent, fluffy cake ready to melt in the mouth.

I just may have to put the temptress in my car trunk tonight. That'll teach it!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sugar Free, but still sweet as can be!

Yesterday marked a month since I've had a full sugar soda of any kind.

I've taken to unsweet tea (lots of lemon!), water, and various flavored diet teas (Snapple with lemon) and waters (Sparkling Ice). I can really see a difference in my blood sugar, so my Dr. will be happy.

Today Drake has tryouts for team placement on baseball. He's in the Flea Division, which I find hilarious.  This means new cleats and pants, so a shopping trip will soon be in order. Stay tuned for adorable pics!

My eating is going well, staying within points. I haven't lost any more weight, but I find moving much beyond 8000 steps to leave me with sore feet (I have neuropathy), so I've got to figure out some other form of exercise, I guess.

Our 1000 gifts Bible Study finished, and I really enjoyed it. I find myself still mentally adding to the list, as I come across His blessings everywhere. I highly recommend keeping a 'gratitude journal/list' even if you don't read the book. It will change the way you look at the world.