Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Fall!

It's been a rough few weeks in our house.

Dh continues to have kidney pain, missing work and nearly crying at the intensity.
There was a week of gout in his toes, where he was crawling on hands and knees to the
bathroom. It took 5 days for the medicine to take effect. He can no longer lift and pull things
like he once could, and I'm pretty sure that the riding lawnmower is now going to be my job,
as it jolts his kidneys too much. He's tired of hurting, and I hate this 'new normal'. I want my
healthy, active husband back!

Nonetheless, we know that God's got this. He knew from the beginning that this would be part
of Tony's life, and He will work it out as He sees fit. I try to turn my fears and frustrations over
to him, but some days are better than others. Prayer is appreciated, for all of us.

In other, happier news, here's a link to a number of fun napkin folds, including a cute pumpkin.
In that one, I'd use a cinnamon stick or even a small stick (painted green if you like) rather than
the pickle (how weird).

I'm loving the cooler weather in the evenings, though it remains in the upper 80's and even 90's
here in south Georgia. Upcoming events for us include the local fair, the 9th birthday party for
our son (it was Sept 30, but the party is Oct 14, so Dh can be there), and a rodeo (our first).

What fun things are going on with you?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday, Monday

What I'm doing: relaxing on the couch, writing this blog post, before I get the boy to take a bath.

What I've eaten: A pepperoni and cheese calzone from WM, and some grapes. The calzone was less than stellar; I can't recommend it. The grapes were good, though. :)

What's going on today: Laundry, and soccer evaluations later today. Drake is finally in U-10. Prob no summer homeschool (to keep him up to date) b/c of the late soccer stuff. We do a couple/few times a week, nothing heavy. Our year starts Oct 1.

The weather: Alternating sunny, but mostly cloudy. Breezy enough that my big chimes are 'gonging',
due to the storm off the Ga coast (or has it moved north yet?).

My mood: Lazy, I'd like to take a nap.

Supper: BBQ sammies with KFC coleslaw, yum.

Rest of my menu: Ham and cheese sliders with fries
                              Chicken and yellow rice, peas
                              Ham alfredo with broccoli, rolls
                              Chicken (rotisserie) and potato salad
     That takes us through Friday. Not sure ab Sat and Sun yet. We'll see when it gets here.

News: We go to the kidney doctor tomorrow for news about Dh's latest lab work. We'll find out if
his GFR is lower, how his other levels are, ect. If it has lowered, there's nothing they can do about it, it's the nature of the disease. When it gets to around 10%, he'll go on dialysis, unless he gets sick enough before then. :(  The other levels can sometimes be brought in line with diet, but we'll have to see where we stand.

Reading: Not much at the moment. Internet browsing, and playing Diggy's Adventure's on my phone are good distractions to the worry going on in my mind right now. My kindle is crying for relief, however. :)

Hope you have a great week, chickies!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Valley and Shadows

Tony has been feeling badly these past few days. He went to the ER yesterday with really bad reflux/chest pain. Gird related. He's being scheduled for a scope to see if it's an ulcer.

Today there was blood in his stool/urine. He showered and headed out to work. His kidney's began hurting on the way out the door. He went anyway. I fear dialysis isn't far off.

He's tired of feeling bad, and I'm tired of being stressed about his health. Will he lose his job due to illness? What if he has to quit working? There's no way I can replace his income if I go back to work, even full time. It takes all of his paycheck for us to get by now. Each time he has chest pain, I fear it might be a heart attack. His birth father died at 31 from that.

Trying to raise money for the transplant expenses, pay off a credit card to better our scores, put something/anything in savings, and pay on the medical bills we already have from past hospitalizations. My mind is often a hamster on a wheel. Winning the lottery big time would help a lot. :)

Of course, we do know that God has us in His hand, and is leading us right through all of this. He's neither surprised nor dismayed at our circumstances. His grace will be enough. Father, let me remember this. (but around $100,000 wouldn't come amiss, either) :D

Please keep us in prayer. This is a difficult and stressful time.
If you could, would you share the link? We would really appreciate it.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A kidney for Tony

A gofundme request.

As I've mentioned before, my husband Tony has PKD (polycystic kidney disease), stage 4.
He is currently on the transplant list at Mayo Jacksonville.

We are humbly asking for donations to help cover all the expenses involved. There is the $1000 for his meds he must have before they will even let him leave the hospital after the surgery. Then there is the 30 day stay in Jacksonville we must arrange somewhere (likely a hotel) to be close to his doctors and appointments that first month. Food and gas must be considered.  Also, once he's home, it could be a month or so before he's back to work, so there's home expenses, too. It's a bit overwhelming.

I've estimated $1000 for initial meds, $2000 for 30 day stay, $1000 for food and gas during that time, and 2 months of home expenses at $4000.

That's $7000 total. A scary thought, as we are currently paycheck to paycheck. Life, sometimes it's just, ugh. :)

 Thank you for prayerfully considering a donation. We appreciate it. To God be all the glory!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th!

I haven't posted a table here (Easter was on Little Pond blog) since St. Patrick's Day, so it's about time. The blue tablecloth is from , the Uncle Sam from Ebay, placemats are Walmart, 'napkins' are kitchen towels cut in half (printed full length, so 3 make 6), 'rings' are patriotic garland from Dollar Tree cut and tied (very messy), scatter stars from Dollar Tree, as are the two bows. The Uncle Sam was the most expensive, at $17.00, on this table.
Enjoy! Sorry they're blurry, my phone is wonky today.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Zirkle Dam Nature Walk

A lot has gone on since Easter, so I'll split it between here and the Little Pond blog.

For here, Dh's kidney disease (PKD) continues. He's at 18% GFR right now and holding,
is on the Mayo transplant list, and doing pretty good. Not always, though. He's been admitted
to the hospital via ER twice since Easter, once by ambulance, for severe pain on both sides
that radiate up into his chest. Other than heavy pain meds, they cannot do anything for him
at this time. He just has to live with it until transplant.

Prayers are appreciated.

In happier news, and the real focus of this post, today we took a trip to find the Zirkle dam,
on the Little Satilla River, here in Georgia. The LSR forms the boundary on one side of
our county, and eventually flows into the Satilla River, which finds it way to the Atlantic.

It, the LSR, is a sluggish little waterway (I've posted pics of it before) most of the year, but
early spring will find it flowing full. Right now, it's very low, but that makes for great views
of the alabaster sand bars, and shows off the gorgeous tannin-stained water, known as black

The Zirkle dam was used, from what I can gather, to help with floating logs down this river
way back when Zirkle was a real town. There were around 300 folks working the sawmill
and making up the community, from around 1900-1926,  but all that's gone now. Only the dam and a few piers in the river remain. Still, it made for a lovely evening walk.

Here, you see the piers that made up a, well, Pier, I guess. This was at the old boat ramp, which has been replaced with a new, concrete ramp.

You can definitely see the low water volume  in the above pic! This also gives you an
idea of the tea color the water boasts. In real life, it's truly beautiful.

And here we have the drop on the dam. You'll have to look closely to see it. It looks like jagged teeth across the river. This dam was made of steel, hence it's durability. Still, I don't think it will last another hundred years, sadly.

A 'back view' of the dam. Again, you can see the white sandbar in the background.

I wish you could really see the texture on this tree, it was amazing. Alas, my little phone camera just could not catch it. Still, this is a nice look at this wild, little river.

A hollow cypress along the riverbank. This was such a peaceful, quiet place. The water barely moved, and made no sound, save for near and at the dam. There were bird calls galore, and the weather late in the evening (around 6pm) was perfect. The gnats and skeeters weren't too bad,
so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in this small 'step back in time'.

A river bottom is a truly entrancing place to explore!
For better pics of this dam, just google Zirkle dam, little Satilla river, Georgia, in one fashion or another. There are photos of the water falling over that will take your breath away with their clarity and color.

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter into Spring

We hosted this year's Easter Party/Egg hunt, as the friend that normally does it was burned out after many years. I can see why! It's a lot of work. Def worth it, though. :)

We rented a giant waterslide, which was a big hit with the kids, as you can imagine!
24 feet high!

They also had the trampoline to play on, Ds's video games, and an Egg Hunt with 240 eggs! Yeah, I kinda went a little crazy with my contribution, lol. But Ds only found TWO at a local church egg hunt that Wednesday (the kids were super fast and kind of aggressive about it, not a good mix for him), and I was determined that he would have more than 2, dang it! :)

Menu was simple. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, potato salad, baked beans, chips and dip. Also, too many desserts to shake a stick at. Niece made a bunny cake, and it was divine. Story about the burgers/dogs: I started out fine, but somehow the grill bottom caught fire (grease, I'm guessing) and I forgot the water. Nephew is giving directions and such, so I run get the water, thrust it at him, and tell him, "Here, you do it!" lol But he did,, both put out the fire, and finish the food,  and they were very good.

We got the front porch painted and done the week before the party, and it looks great!

But again, if I never have to paint another picket, it will be too soon! lol Glad to have that over.

I found the rug at WM. It's not an indoor/outdoor, just indoor, but at $40 for the size, who could say no? Unfortunately, one of my Cracker Barrel Rockers finally busted on the runner (had termite damage to begin with from prev owners). I have had no luck finding a runner the correct length. :( I might have to buy a generic rocker to complete the set. Sigh.

Ds decided he wanted gnomes on the porch. Gnomes! We were in Hobby Lobby (den of sin,  I tell you!) and he found the gnome windchime. Which then meant I had to have a couple more to round out the set, of course. :D Then I found this online:

Who could say no??

We also found a large windchime set at Tractor Supply Company for $34! Sounds like an organ, it booms rather than chimes. Love it!

There are pics of some of my Easter decs up at the Little Pond Blog, If you want to go peek. but here's a view of my table. Big bunny from Beall's, flocked and brown bunnies from LTD Commodities, the rest from Ebay, local thrift store, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby (the carrots on the sideboard in the background).

We are focused now on putting up a gate (had a strange truck pull up the driveway, then turn around and leave, after looking long and hard at the house) this weekend, maybe finally (FINALLY) finishing the mantel for the fireplace, and more grass cutting.

Happy Spring!