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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth: Unschooling?! ~ Grace for Overwhelmed Homeschoolin...

A must read for homeschoolers and public schoolers alike. Great ideas and inspiration!

These things happen at our house either daily, or often enough to make an impact on our learning.

Yep, I said OUR learning, b/c we're all in this journey together!

Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth: Unschooling?! ~ Grace for Overwhelmed Homeschoolin...: When I first started homeschooling, I read dozens of books on curriculums and teaching styles. I couldn't get enough of them! The m...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

(Financial) Light on the Horizon, Current Goings On, and Linkies!

After nearly 6 months on the market, I finally received a decent offer on my mom's house.

We close May 8.  As I promised my mama, I will split this money b/t myself and my brother and sister. It won't be a lot (it's a mobile home and .5 an acre) but it will definitely help with some pressing bills.  We will also pay off our mortgage and begin (finally) to save for a new home.

In other news, homeschool is going along well. I've added some science units (put together and downloaded for free) as well as some US history/state worksheets. I make sure to intersperse the 'learning' pages with 'fun' pages, like word searches, dot to dot, and coloring. He seems to love this approach. I think he'll be more than ready for 2nd grade when October comes. Our year is from Oct 1-Sept 30.

                                                Stock Image

T Ball is going well, Drake seems to really enjoy his games.  He's expressed an interest in Tennis (mainly b/c we bought him a MarioTennis Wii game), and wow! our county is offering a 4 day Tennis Camp for K+ next month!  I'll send off his registration Monday. This is an answer to prayer, b/c for a great price he can see if Tennis is really something he wants to pursue. Stay tuned!

For great places to find unit studies and worksheets (not all free but def worth the money), see the links below: (for mazes and puzzles) (this is a complete curriculum, totally FREE!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, sitting with Dinosaurs!

At the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

2015 Atlanta Vaca

As you can see from the previous pics, we've recently returned from a great vacation.

My MIL, niece and 3 friends, along with our family all headed to Atlanta for 4 days. A short vacation to be sure, but fun nonetheless.

While there, we hit the Ga Aquarium, Fernbank Museum, and World of Coke.  We didn't get around to the High Musuem or the Botanical Gardens, but that's what 'next time' is for! :)

This was such a great opportunity not only for fun, but also learning. Those are our fave kinds of vacations.  We had lessons on conservation and the importance of aquariums and zoos at G/A, the history of dinosaurs and changing landscapes at Fernbank (along with a second lesson on Poisons via their current display), and some brief learnings on chemisty (age appropriate) and flavorings/medicine/ect at W/C.   So now we have plenty to discuss at home still.  Win!

The pool was way to cold to bear, but Dh and Drake sure enjoyed the hot tub (what Drake called the 'hot pool').   I did join them for some foot soaking, but had no real desire to get in. Too crowded with kids and loud adults. Still, it was a nice time.

Now, we're planning our next vaca. This time to Stone Mountain, Ga hopefully in the fall!

My wonky boy

In Centennial Park, Atlanta. Vacation Rocks!

Navel Gazing at Chic Fil-A

Sleeping with the Fishes

At Georgia Aquarium