Tuesday, August 4, 2020

With friends like these....

Cleared up my friends list on FB a bit today. Got rid of those that don't post, I don't know well, and a couple that have proven false. I have no regrets. It was a long time coming. Today, I had a good friend insulted on a post about covid stats. This friend is wife of a former pastor *who now works as chaplain in the ICU of a major city hospital, and a strong Christian in her own right. One person, in response to those wishing for a fast vaccine, said that they 'got what they deserved' if it turned out to be fake, or cause problems for them. Goes to church, claims His name, runs our homeschool co op *with Christian in the name. Another, who I do not know, but good friend confirmed as Christian, said that she/good friend needed to stop spreading lies and fear, and PLOWING FOR THE DEVIL. You know what? I'm done. You can take your fake 'Christian' 'kindness' and hit the road. Another person, member of homeschool group, goes to church, said in a different post that my *general my/you health was not her responsibility, in regards to mask wearing. I"m damn glad Christ thought my health was His responsiblity, and was so willing to be inconvinienced for it that He DIED for me to make me 'healthy'. You know, Christ, the One we're supposed to be like? Good thing the Samaritan didn't feel that way either. But Heaven forbid you wear a mask and 'lose freedumb' my spelling. Ugh. Sick of the world right now.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I wonder.....

How many people that think covid is a hoax, not a big deal, refuse to wear aask bc FAKENEWZ,......are enrolling their kids on cyber school? Lololol

Monday, July 6, 2020

Keeping on...

Nothing much going on.

One of my surgery incisions is infected, sigh. Calling the dr this morning. The rest of them are fine, nearly gone. There always has to be one.....

Getting a new deep well, finally. The crew should be here today to continue. They took Friday off. No more sand, yay! Deets on LittlePond blog.

Unfollowed several people on FB, much better. Not responding to news articles about it, though I do read the comments. Still tired of people, but keep showing me your true selves. Makes it easy to vote come November.

Basically, I'm tired of this virus, tired of riots, tired of 'occupy' groups, tired of highway blocking groups *an 8 year old was shot in Atlanta yesterday at one, just tired. Quit the tantruming and get out and start DOING something to bring about change. Time for everything, we're told. Now it's time to get busy with the unfun, unexciting work. 

I'm just over this year. Bleh.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Purge?

People make me tired, have I mentioned that?

If this keeps up, all I'll have on my FB is fun, pretty groups, and no real person ' friends', aside from family.

Might be a good idea, come to think of it.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ow. Hernia surgery.

Been 10 days. Lots of pain still. Dr found a melon sized cyst on my ovary that he drained. I had no idea.

Going to be a long recovery. Dr said 10 days. Don't believe it! Mornings are the worst, after sleeping so long. Afternoons sloly getting better.

Ow. That is all

Thursday, May 14, 2020


So, a couple weeks ago, I posted a link to a political article, featuring the president. It had his own words, and I asked a question ab it.

Apparently, it set my pastor's wife off, and she blocked me. Now, she is a very strong political person and Trump supporter. Very politically active on FB, and headed up the 16 campaign in our town for Cruz, before he dropped out.

I never mentioned her, the artical did not reference anything she had posted. But I hadn't seen anything from her in a week or so, so I went to see her page.

Can't find her on FB at all. Not even on her husband, our pastor's, page. Well. Okay then. Not sure how to feel ab this.

A little bit, really??? And a bit, whatever. Will she ignore me when we go back to church, or smile to my face?

Maybe this is a temporary thing, a heat of the moment move? I've snoozed a couple people who were triggers for me, politically, but I haven't unfriended or blocked them.

I'm just....what??? Are you even serious????

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

We did this to ourselves

"But as soon as we emerge, the virus will spread again and the people with weakened immune systems will still succumb to it.
This is a harsh fact.
The people who missed it this time, will eventually get it-regardless of if we emerge on May 1st or September 30th.
We need to protect our healthcare system to handle the load, but we don't need to mislead ourselves over the outcome of this quarantine.
It is slowing it down, but not curing it.
If you're driving to Dallas from LA at 50 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour, the distance doesn't change.
If your lifestyle is causing you to have a weakened immune system, use this time to correct that.
Otherwise, you've placed a target on your own back.
Now is not the time for indulging in comfort food, it's a time to give ourselves the healthiest, most robust immune system our body is capable of."

Emphasis mine. The above quote comes from a Jeff Mays on FB, shared by a homeschool group friend. I know that he mentions lifestyle as the cause, but this just infuria