Sunday, March 18, 2012

That time again (of spring, and ramblings)

I love spring.  The end of winter, of brown and grey and blah.  Green is showing up everywhere, so vibrant you can smell it.  And the earth!  The moisture from rain releases a perfume that makes my fingers itch to dig in.

Dogwoods and azaleas and (my fave) wisteria are EVERYWHERE, a veritable rainbow explosion.
You don't know where to look first, and are like a kid, eyes darting this way and that, trying to take it all in, without missing a thing.  Spring is just so ALIVE.

Much like ourselves, once we've turned our lives over to Christ, new growth abounds, and so do possibilities.  My mind sometimes boggles at all the ideas and opportunities I find.  Take yesterday, for example.

We went to Georgia Southern University's Wildlife Education Center.  For a minimal admittance fee ($2 adults, $1 kids and seniors), you experience 2 different wildlife shows, inside and outside animal exhibits, walking trails, ponds, history cabin and more.  Getting up close and personal with God's creatures always uplifts me. 

How much fun He must have had, thinking and bringing about all the different animals.  Who'd have ever thought of something as funny as a giraffe, or an elephant?  Birds that can't fly, and squirrels that can.  What a wonderful world our Lord made for us! 

The day abounded with moments of learning and discovery, of laughter and awe at each new display, each creature and its unique creation and attributes.  Again, like us.  We're each different, from outside appearance to inside heart.  But we are all alike in a few ways, we're all made to worship and glorify God, and we all sinners in need of a Savior.

Like spring on the earth, Christ changes our soul landscape, bringing up new growth and outfitting us with vibrant, joyful color.  It becomes fertile ground for Him to sow his love and grace, and the possibilities from that are truly endless.   How wonderful new life is!!

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