Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weathering the storm

So, there's a Hurricane (Matthew) on the way.
Here in SE Georgia, the coast is evacuating, and has been for a couple days now.

Our town is running low on gas, bread, milk and other foods. We are 45 miles from the coast, on a
main evac route. Our county is NOT evacuating. We are somewhat higher than the coast here, so I don't ever remember an evac for us.

We are expecting tropical storm winds, a LOT of rain, and power outages. Here at Little Pond, we are stocked and ready to go, with extra gas for the grill to cook with. Last hurricane, the night we stayed here the first time, there were folks in our county out of power for 16+ hours. Nothing to what those in the direct path will get, I know, but still a hindrance.

We didn't lose power at our home, but it could happen this time. Matthew is expected to loop around next Monday and possible hit again! This one is crazy, folks.

Pray for the people in the SE (not just GA), the emergency personnel that will be out working and keeping folks safe and the linemen that will inevitably be in harms way. Lord, be merciful!

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  1. Amen Tammy...........
    There has been nothing about this storm that has been normal for sure. We are probably about as far in as you are.....thank goodness
    it will down grade to a 3 before it goes to Ga., we will get the
    category 4 unless something changes very quickly. I keep remembering that the Lord can control the wind and the waves.
    Can not believe that thing is looping around and might hit us
    again.........oh my......
    Love, Peace and safety to you and yours,