Saturday, October 1, 2016


This time of year is incredibly special to us. It is filled with joy and laughter, and I'll tell you why.

First, Dh and I were married Sept 26, 1998. He was 26, I was 24. You do the math, lol.
Over the years our anniversary celebrations have evolved, from lavish gifts and cards, to cards and dinner out. The simple life suits us. This year, we were doing double duty (more on that in a minute) so took our anni dinner during that time.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse, in the Savannah Mall. Steaks and taters, folks; it's what makes up America. Well, okay, not really, but still yummy! Here's dh with his steak.

We were out shopping for reason number two: Drake's 8th birthday! I well remember a time when we thought we'd never have a child (4 years of IF) so this is a very special day for us.
Here he is with his early (on his bday, actually, his party is next weekend) gift. I'd say he's happy!

And reason number three? We started 3rd grade! Woohoo!
I'll post pics of that tomorrow. I've laundry to fold, curtains to re-hange (darn cat), and other stuff calling my name. Happy weekend!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and happy birthday to Drake! He's such a cutie pie!😊