Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's good to have a dog...

Especially when he's as cute as this one!

This is Juice, our neighbor's dog. He hangs out at our house quite a bit, as his owners work a lot, and we feed him, lol.  He's friendly to all during the day, but at night? All bets are off! He nearly tore up the pizza delivery lady one night (she got back in her truck).

So, not only do we get a great house, land and a pond, we get a dog, too! Win.
Happy Sunday, y'all!


  1. Oh he is a cutie pie! Did you get your pizza?

  2. Yeah, I had to go out and GET IN HER TRUCK to pay her, lol. She was sweet and understood. I have never seen him act that way before or since. You don't want to get on his bad sad. He channels Kujo! lol

  3. That should read...Cujo, with a C. lol