Saturday, October 29, 2016

Simple Saturday

It's been a nice week here at Little Pond.

Ds's soccer team is moving on the next stage of the semi finals. If they win this next
game, they go for the Championship! They have a dedicated, kind coach this year, I wish he were our coach every year, he's that good with the kids. Pushes, but not cruel or hard, you know?

Trust me, we've seen some doozies (a doctor and his wife, both coaching the same team), yelling, screaming, pointing and physically (as in hands on them) putting them where they want them. Awful.
I mentioned it to a parent on that team, and she said, " I guess we're just used to it". Sad! And terrible. There is no way my kid is going through that. The coaches even had clipboards and were showing the kids plays on it. Crazy, it's U8!

Anyway, we've gotten a couple of interior shelves up, one in the closet, and one in the utility room. Replaced two flood lights with new ones, mowed more grass, saw more deer on the deer cam, untold loads of laundry, ect. lol

Thursday Dh and went to Bwk for his birthday celebration night. We ate at Longhorns and saw a movie. I picked up a small countertop tree at Michaels for Ds's bathroom for Christmas, along with a few ornaments for it. Dh got a deer hanger at Dicks, next door. We had a good time, and it was nice to get away by ourselves (son stayed with Nana).

Ds complained the next day of a sore throat. We went to soccer practice, but cut it short b/c he was really feeling bad. AppleCare says no strep, and today he's feeling fine. Weirdness. 

I wonder if it's from the cinnamon pine cones we brought home from Michaels? Dh loves them, and so do I, in a big store with lots of ventilation. Here in the house? My sinuses swell up and my throat gets irritated something awful. No sniffles or runny nose, but just annoying. I bagged them up last night, and today I'm good to go. Hmmm.....

Dh is on 12's dayshift this weekend, so we'll be staying home. Baked spaghetti for supper tonight, yum. I make it extra cheesy for Dh. He'll be home soon, so gotta go!

Happy Almost November Weekend!

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