Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's up Wednesday!

ACTIVITY FOR TODAY: Meeting with the painter to get supplies/paint, and go over last minute instructions for the house. Sign the boy up for soccer, mail off a bill, see about the holdup with selling our current home.

IN THE KITCHEN: Three cheese tortellini in garlic parmesan sauce with diced ham and broccoli added, IF we can be home in time. If not, eating out (again, sigh). Other things on the menu are:

Crock Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes
Fish Sticks, Mac n Cheese
Chicken something or other, lol
Pork Chops, Rice and Beans

WHAT I'M READING: Not really anything much at all. I keep up with blogs, and FB, but that's about it. I have a Kindle full (3000+) of books, but no interest in any of them. Too busy with the new house! I have downloaded several new Grace Livingston Hill books lately, and I'm looking forward to starting those someday.

WHAT'S ON TV: Mario. Or Kirby. Or wrestling (Dh) or Deadliest Catch (Dh). I don't really have anything I watch on my own. I could do without TV, to be honest (but never internet, lol).

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Moving into Little Pond, hopfully before September! Seeing how the paint looks on the walls, it's going to be such a change. Same for carpet, will it be too grey, or too beige? I can't remember! lol Getting our new furniture!  (yes, I'm excited about moving, lol)

NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Five days spent in Jacksonville for Dh's kidney transplant evaluation. The boy is staying with Nana/MIL, and we will likely get a room there for convenience sake, if we have all day appointments. Going to be tiring if so.  It's  about 2 hours or so down there, but to do that every day, back and forth? No thank you. Room it is. Hmmm, might be nice, a mini vaca, Dh all to myself....we could get into all sorts of trouble! lol ;D

VERSE FOR THE DAY: B/c of something that came up with the title to our home/selling it, I'm focusing on Exodus 14:14, The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.

And He will! He's gotten us this far, He'll see us through. Whatever is going on with this (seeming) snafu, He will work it to our good. Yes, He will!

Have a great, super, awesome rest of the week!

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