Monday, August 15, 2016


Today, I feel tired and frustrated.

Tired because I didn't sleep well last night (common for me), and frustrated and irritable because well, this house. I want out of here, and into the light, bright space that is our new home. The tight quarters and dark rooms depress me.

Lack of a/c in the kitchen and baths makes cooking and bathing a chore, rather than relaxing and fun.
I'm trying to bear up with the leaks, the darkness, the tons of STUFF that have to be gone through before we can move. All I want to do is sleep. Or go on vacation somewhere bright and cool.

This week, and next week, then we can focus on moving for REAL. The paint will be done, the carpet installed. Bedroom furniture won't be here til the 9th, due to backorder, but we have our mattress at the house and an inflatable for the boy.

When we come back from Jax, Dh is going to get the kitchen leak/lines fixed asap, and we are moving in. I'm over this place, grateful for it still, but ready to move on.

Lord, give me strength not to grouch, fuss or yell about little things. Your timing is always best, but I have to say, sometimes hard to wait for! lol


  1. Oh I totally understand about wanting to get into your new home. We left Santa Barbara to Arizona but we don't have a house yet! We are at a Comfort Suites but I want a house. We are praying for the house God wants us to have.

    1. Wow, Regina!
      How long have you been in the Suites? That must be stressful. I'll be praying for a house for y'all!