Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keeping cool, but smelling badly...

Weird title, huh? lol

Today I bought our refrigerator for our new house.
Then, I changed it.  Yep, the saleswoman loves me!

See, we have an upper cabinet that is only 67" high in the fridge space.
Crazy, b/c who puts a cabinet that low there???????? Apparently, the Fleetwood
people, sigh. The width is a full 36", however.

At first we thought we'd have to settle for a 19cf, as I want a freezer on the bottom.
I wasn't happy, but decided to live with it. THEN, I saw that instead of the pull out
drawer, it has a swing door. Uh, NO. The top rack of the freezer doesn't even pull out!

You'd have to get on your knees and reach in to get anything off that shelf. Insane!
So we decided to settle for a double door/side by side. Ugh. I hate the tiny fridge space.
But, I bought it. Even though there was one online with a pull freezer on the bottom that
would fit. It was $500 more. Money is an issue, so I declined.

Got home. Got to thinking about my MILs side by side, and how much I dislike it. Really
dislike it. I've had a s/s before, and wasn't fond of it then. So, I called Sears back and told
them to stop the s/s order and change it to the online French door. I go back tomorrow to
pay the difference. I figured it was worth it, as I'll prob have this fridge many years.

ALSO, the water in the new house smells. Like sewage. Ewww, I know.
Everything online tells me it is either in the drains (it's coming from the faucets), the lines
and plumbing, the water heater, or the well itself.  I've called a driller (well driller) to come
check it out and see if he can find out the problem. He said maybe a softener, but I've read
that those can make it worse.

We go to the house tomorrow to see if the faucet at the well smells bad. If so, it's likely
the water source itself. We can shock the well, and that will help, I've read. The well man
said most of the wells on our highway smell bad, so it may be a location thing.

Depending on what we find tomorrow, I may have a sample sent in for testing to make
sure it's safe to drink and bathe in. But I won't be drinking it, as long as it smells like it
does! Truthfully, I don't want to bathe in it either, nor run a dishwasher from it. Oh, and
the icemaker on our new fridge, sigh...

Let's hope we can figure this thing out before the 1st, when they bring the fridge. :/

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