Friday, August 19, 2016

Timmy's in the well!

Or rather, the smell is.

I've had one well guy show up and look at the well. It's shallow, not deep. He recommends starting over and drilling a deep well. $3700. Er...

There is a filter on it, red with iron. He never suggested changing it, just said there wasn't anything he could do about the smell (other than a new well). Hmmm....

I've done more reading, and it's caused by sulfur (obviously). The toilet tanks are also black with slime b/c of it. Eww, I know. There are systems offered that propose to fix the problem, for a few hundred bucks. Before I shell that out, I'm calling yet another well drilling company, this time from out of town, to ask them about it Monday.

Could changing this filter make a difference? Or does it just filter out the iron only? We may try that first, as a small step, cheap measure. We could do the deep well, but it would seriously hurt us in other monetary matters (2nd way of going/car which we really need, other upgrades on the house).

If the concentration isn't too high (have to have it checked), we could live with it, but it makes cleaning clothes difficult, can stain/discolor dishes, ect. It tastes bad (so they say, I'd never drink it) and can make foods cooked in it taste off (never cook with it, either). I don't even want to bathe in it, it's that bad.

Let's pray the filter idea fixes it, b/c if not, we're either getting a new well, or investing in a water delivery until we can. Sigh...


  1. I know nothing about wells. But I guess I need to learn because most of the houses here have wells.nI tell you this here city girl has a lot to learn about country living!

  2. Hello Tammy, I just found your blog. I followed your link from a comment you made on Mrs. White's blogpost about Domestic Life.

    Imagine my surprise, when I found my blog, Harvest Lane Cottage, on your sidebar! I am very honored. Thank you.

    We have a well but cannot drink the water from it because of lead. It has a filter, but it doesn't filter out many white floaties. I don't know what they are, and we aren't going to drink them!

    I don't know how to help you, but I would like to pray.

    Father God, I know that everything that is important to us, especially our safety, is important to you. Father God, I pray that you will cause this well problem to be untangled and fixed so that it is perfectly safe for Tammy and her loved ones. I ask you to give Tammy wisdom as she makes decisions and show her truth. I pray protection and the money she needs will be provided. I ask it all in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God. Amen.

    Be blessed Tammy. God is going to work this out for you. Don't give up.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    P.S. Do drop in and say hello. I am taking a week or two off from writing. It's just a busy back to school time, but I will be back in September.