Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What a difference...

A day makes!

We will be hiring out the painting, after all. God is so good, and always on time!
(and yes, many times His right time coincides with my 'want' time, lol) We met up
with the painters for more discussion today, and they will likely start next week.

Now we can focus on the small things. Drains, faucets, blinds, tiles, and a back door.

Tomorrow is a Sav trip that makes the painting possible, then more carpet pulling.
The a/c is working fine, but it's SO quiet you think at first it's not blowing inside.
We actually called them (a/c people) about it, then 15 minutes later when it turned
cool, realized that yes, the air was working properly.

We ain't used to such fancy, rich man's ways. LOL
The air in our singlewide (when it worked, that is) is floor vented, and has always
been loud, even when new. It blew like a hurricane, whereas the new house is more
subtle, the flow softer, silent. However, I am NOT complaining, merely relating a funny.

Oh, we did call the a/c guys back and let them know. They had a good laugh, too. :)

Up at Little Pond: MBath pic, Pic of paint color chosen and shown in online photo,
details of work done today. Happy Tuesday!

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