Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Through my eyes

Here's a few more pictures I took on past excursions around our county. Above are some of the front windows of the farmhouse in an earlier post. I titled this one, 'Windows to the soul'

Here's a view of one entranceway of Piney Grove School, also pictured in an earlier post. My mother attended this school for time and loved it well.

And old farm house, and a red dirt road. My Georgia.

Wetlands, at the Ga Southern Raptor Center. A lovely afternoon walk.

This grand lady is located to the front and right of the farmhouse in the earlier post (the white wood one). The house in this above pic is to the left and back. There were THREE of these magnificent trees surrounding the house, but this was the best picture by far.

I hope to get out and capture more great images of my area, and when I do, I'll share some of them here. I hope your 2016 is going well, and that you are doing the things you love, for the ones you love.

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