Saturday, February 27, 2016

On being led astray...

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I made a cake. A cinnamon (sin-namon) apple cake with buttercream frosting and cinnamon sugar sprinkles for our church benevolence committee (for a grieving family).

I was okay with the lovely scent pervading my house as it cooled, but when I frosted it? Y'all, I'm so ashamed. I LICKED THE SPOON!! Sobs.

Now this evil confection is taunting me from the kitchen, tempting and teasing with it's luscious, from the devil scent. I have got to get this thing out of my house. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE.

Maybe I could take it to the church now and leave it at the door? No, someone will find it tonight and eat it and I PROMISED the committee I'd make it for the family and deliver it before 3:30pm Saturday/today.

That's over 12 hours away. 12 hours, y'all. I am going to die. Or bathe in the thing One or the other. Say a prayer!

**Actually, I'm fine. But it does smell mighty good. I put a lid on the dish and now I can't smell it anymore, haha. It's a clear lid, though. I can see it. Sin-amon sugar all glistening and sweet, creamy frosting so decadent, fluffy cake ready to melt in the mouth.

I just may have to put the temptress in my car trunk tonight. That'll teach it!

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