Sunday, March 6, 2016

That time of year....again.

Baseball season!

And this year, it IS baseball. No more T's for our boy.
Being in the 7/8 year old division (Flea), this year he's the smallest on his team, rather than the biggest as in previous seasons. He's also the least co-ordinated, slowest and just the player that needs the most improvement. :)

He's never been particularly sports-oriented, and is far more an indoor kid (Mario for the win!). But his coaches are really taking time with him, working him on throwing and fielding, having him run hard (poor boy runs so funny) and such. He's worn out after every practice, but he always says he's ready for the Wii U! I guess they aren't working him too hard, after all. :)

Well, whether or not he ever becomes proficient at sports (of any kind) isn't important. That's not our goal. We just want him to enjoy being on a team, working with other kids, taking direction from coaches, learning about rules and organization, and just having FUN. That's what will last, we hope.

In other news, I'm still battling in the 170's. I go from 170 to 175, back and forth, depending on the day, or hour. It's crazy! I'm staying within points and walking more than ever (7500+ steps a day) so hopefully I'll be in the 160's soon.

FIL took us out to eat at Pelican Point/The Fish Dock last night. It's a seafood/steak buffet place in Crescent, Ga. It was pretty good, and I admit to using up all my points (weeklies) on it. Blackened Mahi Mahi, Prime Rib, mac n cheese, dirty rice, steamed veg, shrimp, salad, cheesecake and a few bites of chocolate cream pie. Yeah, crazy. :)

I needed it though. Yesterday was 2 years since Mama fell and went into the coma, and died 13 days later (March 18). I didn't wear my tracker, work out, or even try. I slept most of the day, actually. It was worth it. A mental break day, for self care.  I don't usually get upset much about her death on a day to day basis, but here lately (time of year for it) I have been very emotional.

I miss my Mama. And it's ok that I took a day off and had a nice meal and got some extra sleep. Today is a new day, and I'm ready for it. We have communion at church, and I'm so eager for that. I'm ready to get walking again and keep up my fitness journey, and enjoy this life that God has blessed me with.

Happy Sunday!

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