Friday, November 1, 2013

If you say Trick or Treat.....

You get CANDY!!  So my boy informed me last night, during his first ever t/t-ing session.
In a word? He loved it!  At first he was shy, as is usual for him. But after that first house and free candy....he was hooked! 

All night long he extolled the glories of that magical phrase, and did not want to stop going house to house, lol. But at last hunger won out, and we headed back to our friend's for hotdogs, chips, punch and brownies. 

A good night, with good people.

He wasn't too sure about the robo-ghost or the robo-broom (kinda freaked out, actually) but once they were turned off he was good. I bet if I'd had time to show him the hidden wheels and the on/off switch and the batteries, he'd have wanted to stay and play with it all night.  Silly boy.

How was your Halloween? (even if you didn't/don't do T/T)

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