Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chats on the (mobile home) porch.

These are from the ongoing series Chats from the Farmhouse Porch.
But as we don't live in a farmhouse, but rather a singlewide mobile home, I got creative with the title.
Also no front porch.  All our doin's happens on the back porch, lol.

We don't have a farm either, but don't let that stop you. Grab a glass of iced sweet tea and sit a spell.

1.     Do you have any special plans for this week? No, it’s a pretty laid back kind of week for us.  There might be a couple/few town trips (inevitable, it seems), including one today to pick up our niece from school, and Awana tomorrow. Oh, and grocery shopping, lol.  Edited to add: No niece pick up, but a shopping trip for my mom.  Told ya! :D

2.     What's the most relaxing thing you do? Take a long bath, and/or read a book.  Or nap, that works, too!

3.     Have you ever worn a wig?(play, dress-up, or for real) Nope, never.

4.     Do you have an office or special place to use your computer? On a tray table in the living room, sitting at the couch.  That’s where the magic happens, lol.

5.     What are your favorite kind of socks? Um….none?  Most of the year, living in SE Georgia, there is no need for socks.  The 3 or so months that I HAVE to wear them, I just opt for simple cotton ones with my boots or sneakers, in white or black.  Around the house I will get funky, and love the soft and fuzzy ones (but they gotta have the grippers!) in wild designs.

How about you?

The view from our screened back porch, overlooking half of the fenced portion of our back yard. To the left of this pic is the playset, sandlot, and garden box, as well as the gate in and out to the parking area.

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