Saturday, November 23, 2013

So Much....

To be grateful for.

Every November the 30 Days of Thanks meme goes around on FB.  I've never done it, but this
year made a start. Alas, I only managed about 4 days b/f I fell behind and quit.

It's not that I don't have 30 days worth of things to be thankful for (quite the contrary), I'm just
a lazy blogger/updater. People mention family (of course, so did I), friends, health and freedom.

Others mention money and food and things.  Which are also to be grateful for.  Ourselves, we
don't currently have much of the former (money). This has been a horrible year in terms of Dh's
paycheck.  Despite 40 hour weeks, he's only made half of what he made two years ago, and it
shows. Ouch, things are hard.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel is the word of the day around here. And yet...So Much. We're
here in our warm home (rather run down and in dire need of repairs), full of yummy food, with
more in the cupboard for snacks. Dh is playing a video game (luxury) while Drake cheers him
on/hurries him to finish so he will play Drake's choice of game. 

I'm on the internet (luxury) whilst simultaneously relaxing on our 'new to us' couch. In the
morning we'll get dressed in 'church clothes' (luxury) and drive one of our 3 vehicles (only 2 of
which run, to church 8 miles away. We could attend the closest Baptist church just
up the road 2 miles, but feel God has led us to Calvary in town. 

Most Sundays after church we, my mom and MIL will go out to eat lunch (luxury) before we
each head home to relax and putter around. We wont eat out tomorrow, as we don't have the
money right now.  And yet....we'll still have a good lunch, a hot supper, and plenty of good
entertainment right here at home.

We're together; safe, warm and fed.  Free to worship our Creator without fear.
And aren't those the things that count the most?


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