Saturday, May 7, 2011

A day in the life

Here's a day with me, Drake, at 31 months old. I'm so glad you came to visit. Let me tell you about a typical day:

We wake up at noon (it was a long night for us nightowls, lol). I get a fresh diaper and head to the living room, hauling mommy's 'boodle' (her pillow) which is really MINE and my bottle (not to be confused with the boodle).

I climb into daddy's chair, which is also MINE, and mommy turns on the tv for my morning toon-toons. Mommy has breakfast, I have milk. Sometimes I share her breakfast, but like daddy, I don't much care for food right when I wake up.

I watch tv a while, then get down and play with my trains. Me and mommy read a story or two. Sometimes I play on the back porch while mommy does laundry out there (it's screened in and locked, so safe). I pet our cat Patches, GENTLY. I also like to play in her water dish, soaking the porch and myself. Mommy rolls her eyes and cleans me up. On a good day, I don't get into the cat food, b/c I then push it all down b/t the boards of the porch, and it's lost. Mommy does not like this.

Inside, it's lunch time. I have grilled cheese and grapes, or ham and cheese and crackers, or pizza with mommy, lol. More milk, of course. More play, usually drawing with my 'mah-kahs' (markers). These only mark on the special paper mommy bought for me. Mommy loves these. I try to mark up the walls, couch, floor and myself, in vain. Oh well, I gave it my best.

Usually around 4:30, I take a nap. Mommy loves this time, and she often naps with me. After a couple hours, I pat mommy to wake her and am up and at'em again. Depending on when daddy gets home, mommy starts supper and I watch toons again. We eat. Or I don't, depending on my mood. Play with trains, trucks and cars again.

Daddy comes in, I'm ecstatic! We chase each other, wrestle and play til supper is done. I don't want to stop. Eventually, daddy and I snuggle in his/MY recliner, and I go to sleep after a last bottle. It was a good day, and tomorrow will be even better! Night-night!

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