Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Day!

What an awesome day. We headed out to Savannah for new sandals for Drake. Finally getting on the road at 3pm. Got the sandals, super cute, and then headed for the new mall. There we let him play in the playcourt, which he loved.

He's more adventurous than he was just a month or so ago, last time we were there. He even interacted on his own with a little girl. She was younger than he by about 6 months or so, and he had to bend down to be face to face with her. He did, spoke a few words to her, then headed off for the climbing bridge, turning to offer her a hand in following. They played together for a little while. So sweet to see! Last time he wouldn't have anyhing to do with anyone.

He also sat next to another little girl on the bench, he leaned over all in her space to get her attention, and even touche her arm VERY softly for emphasis. He's so gentle and sweet.
After half an hour or so we asked him if he wanted to go for ice cream. He immediately skidded to a stop in his running and rushed over to us. Tried to pull us both up to go, go, go!

We didn't move fast enough and he took off for the stroller, outside the playcourt. Tried to move it so we could get ice cream faster. When Bear tried to put him in it, he made evasive manuevers and bolted, lol. The two of them ran up and down the mall wing a time or two, then dh managed to corrall him. At Hill O' Beans, we enjoyed our treat. Drake loved his scoop of 'chokkit' (or chochit), and ate it every bit.

Leaving that mall, we went to the new Savannah Walmart (b/c we are super sophisticated like that) where Drake got a new Thomas train 'Duncan' and a $1 dinosaur. (b/c after shelling out $50 for sperry sandals, we were kaput). Finished the day off at Rodeo in Hinesville on the way home. I got fajitas (loved), dh got beef chimis(not so loved). Drake got nada b/c he was asleep, lol.

All in all it was a fabulous day. We're a tired but happy crew

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