Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yeah, no.

From my FB:

Drake loves his new automated 'Duncan' train (from the Thomas collection). He's driving me crazy with it, though. The motor is annoying and he keeps blocking the wheels making it 'clickclickclick' really fast.

I see it 'runing out' of batteries, andd SOON.
5 minutes ago.


Well, he just got it tangled in his hair. That's what happens when you run an automated vehicle over your head. Luckily I didn't have to cut his hair to remove it.

Duncan is now 'resting' and will be til tomorrow.
2 minutes ago.


Oh good gravy! He just found an ink pen and is 'tattooing' himself, the chair and anything else he can reach. Needless to say, the pen is about to 'rest', too.

30seconds ago.

It's going to be a looong night, folks.  HELP ME!

New update!! About an hour later.

 Sigh, he just found a fork (don't ask) and tried to perforate my walls (I suppose he felt we need more ventilation, lol). Then he moved on to 'murdering' my couch cushions.  So the fork is history, too.

5 minutes later:

He's now drinking a sip of water from my glass, then spitting it back in. GROSS!!  The cup joins the fork on 'vacation'.   You guys think I need to get off here and mind my son?  lololol

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