Tuesday, August 4, 2020

With friends like these....

Cleared up my friends list on FB a bit today. Got rid of those that don't post, I don't know well, and a couple that have proven false. I have no regrets. It was a long time coming. Today, I had a good friend insulted on a post about covid stats. This friend is wife of a former pastor *who now works as chaplain in the ICU of a major city hospital, and a strong Christian in her own right. One person, in response to those wishing for a fast vaccine, said that they 'got what they deserved' if it turned out to be fake, or cause problems for them. Goes to church, claims His name, runs our homeschool co op *with Christian in the name. Another, who I do not know, but good friend confirmed as Christian, said that she/good friend needed to stop spreading lies and fear, and PLOWING FOR THE DEVIL. You know what? I'm done. You can take your fake 'Christian' 'kindness' and hit the road. Another person, member of homeschool group, goes to church, said in a different post that my *general my/you health was not her responsibility, in regards to mask wearing. I"m damn glad Christ thought my health was His responsiblity, and was so willing to be inconvinienced for it that He DIED for me to make me 'healthy'. You know, Christ, the One we're supposed to be like? Good thing the Samaritan didn't feel that way either. But Heaven forbid you wear a mask and 'lose freedumb' my spelling. Ugh. Sick of the world right now.

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  1. Tammy, I'm sorry so called "Christians" horns have sprouted. I recently got Instagram and I had to stop following a woman whom I had great respect as a woman of God. But she is one of the "conspiracy theory" people who thinks the virus is a lie and blah blah blah. There are people in my church who believe that.