Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How times do change

Such a turnaround from my last post.

There was no St. Patrick's dinner w the family, there will likely be no Easter dinner, either.
Dh, the boy, and I will be hunkered down, riding out this C-19 mess.

I've been off work since 1pm last Thurs. Sent me home because labor was high. Fine with me, I have been on tenterhooks about taking something home to Dh. When they texted me that night that the dining room was closed? HUGE relief. I didn't have to go in!

They did offer me hours in drive thru, if I wanted them, but I told them not to bother. We'll be okay, if a bit tight around here. Our county has now implemented a declaration that dining rooms will be closed til April 9, I believe. Again, fine w me.

We've got a good stock of food, a bit of paper products, and should be fine for a while. There is NO meat to be found, unless you hang out waiting for the truck at the supermarkets. In a post either here or on Little Pond some time ago, I featured our 'walk in' theatre. The gentleman that owns that has had to shut it, b/c of the declaration. It will reopen, and we will all be glad. In the meantime, he is offering to order from his supplier *there is a bistro he owns attached to the Strand/theatre, meats, pastas, bread, eggs, milk, flour!!, and other such things you can barely find now.

Dh and I ordered some chicken, and hamburger, and are pleased. One of the Strand boys brought it to our house and unloaded it on our porch. We gave him a good tip. Tomorrow, I will order again, for my MIL, who is down to only hamburger for meat. We'll get some pork chops, too. Not WM prices, by any means, but better than other places online that ship.

We are all fine, Dh is working on some wood projects for me, which he enjoys. The boy is homeschooling and playing games, I'm sleeping late, eating way too much, and just enjoying being home. 

This thing/Covid 19, is a death sentence for Dh, if he gets it. Without a miracle, he WOULD die. I do not kid myself. He goes to dialysis 3 days a week, with patients from nursing homes, and just all over. There is a case of C in that county. Yes, I worry. No cases here yet, praise the Lord.

Our church has gone to live streaming, which we take advantage of. Sort of a fireside chat kind of thing. It's good. I know God's got this. He already knows how it all will go, and is in full control. We just have to hang on during this sometimes bumpy ride. I pray that you all are well, and remain so.


  1. It's such trying times and a real test of our faith. I will keep your husband in prayer.

    1. Ty, Regina. So far, so good. Dh is getting some great things done around the house, and we are enjoying the time together. Well, pretty much, lol. ;D