Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Spring Craft Call!

Have you seen those beautiful napkin rings at places like Pier 1, the ones with the lovely
silk flowers? Hydrangeas, roses, daisies, and more! Did you balk when you saw that they
were upwards of $4 EACH? I sure did.

Then I had a thought. Dollar Tree has flowers, and shower curtain rings, and hair elastics.
Also floral tape, I think. I know I've seen flower snips at our local store, and lots of other
neat stuff, besides. For the cost of ONE of 'their' napkin rings, you could make 4, or even 6!

How about doing a drape-y wisteria set,  or even using faux succulents? Too fun!

Here's another link to easy DIY, affordable napkin rings:

Yep, I see these crafts in my future, and on my table! Now, to wait for the sunflowers to come in....

Happy Crafting!

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