Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th!

I haven't posted a table here (Easter was on Little Pond blog) since St. Patrick's Day, so it's about time. The blue tablecloth is from , the Uncle Sam from Ebay, placemats are Walmart, 'napkins' are kitchen towels cut in half (printed full length, so 3 make 6), 'rings' are patriotic garland from Dollar Tree cut and tied (very messy), scatter stars from Dollar Tree, as are the two bows. The Uncle Sam was the most expensive, at $17.00, on this table.
Enjoy! Sorry they're blurry, my phone is wonky today.


  1. That looks so pretty and I must say, I absolutely love Dollar Tree! We used to have to go all the way into Prescott or Prescott Valley for Dollar tree. Now we have one in our own town now. We are so happy! Have a great Fourth of July Tammy!

    1. Thanks. DT is a great place for decorating cheaply.
      Happy 4th to you, too!