Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter into Spring

We hosted this year's Easter Party/Egg hunt, as the friend that normally does it was burned out after many years. I can see why! It's a lot of work. Def worth it, though. :)

We rented a giant waterslide, which was a big hit with the kids, as you can imagine!
24 feet high!

They also had the trampoline to play on, Ds's video games, and an Egg Hunt with 240 eggs! Yeah, I kinda went a little crazy with my contribution, lol. But Ds only found TWO at a local church egg hunt that Wednesday (the kids were super fast and kind of aggressive about it, not a good mix for him), and I was determined that he would have more than 2, dang it! :)

Menu was simple. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, potato salad, baked beans, chips and dip. Also, too many desserts to shake a stick at. Niece made a bunny cake, and it was divine. Story about the burgers/dogs: I started out fine, but somehow the grill bottom caught fire (grease, I'm guessing) and I forgot the water. Nephew is giving directions and such, so I run get the water, thrust it at him, and tell him, "Here, you do it!" lol But he did,, both put out the fire, and finish the food,  and they were very good.

We got the front porch painted and done the week before the party, and it looks great!

But again, if I never have to paint another picket, it will be too soon! lol Glad to have that over.

I found the rug at WM. It's not an indoor/outdoor, just indoor, but at $40 for the size, who could say no? Unfortunately, one of my Cracker Barrel Rockers finally busted on the runner (had termite damage to begin with from prev owners). I have had no luck finding a runner the correct length. :( I might have to buy a generic rocker to complete the set. Sigh.

Ds decided he wanted gnomes on the porch. Gnomes! We were in Hobby Lobby (den of sin,  I tell you!) and he found the gnome windchime. Which then meant I had to have a couple more to round out the set, of course. :D Then I found this online:

Who could say no??

We also found a large windchime set at Tractor Supply Company for $34! Sounds like an organ, it booms rather than chimes. Love it!

There are pics of some of my Easter decs up at the Little Pond Blog, If you want to go peek. but here's a view of my table. Big bunny from Beall's, flocked and brown bunnies from LTD Commodities, the rest from Ebay, local thrift store, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby (the carrots on the sideboard in the background).

We are focused now on putting up a gate (had a strange truck pull up the driveway, then turn around and leave, after looking long and hard at the house) this weekend, maybe finally (FINALLY) finishing the mantel for the fireplace, and more grass cutting.

Happy Spring!

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