Tuesday, April 4, 2017


So, Dh has been on 4-day, or long weekend, if you prefer.
We got quite a lot done this time around.

I found both a coffee table and a side table for our front porch.
Now, I had priced the outdoor versions of these, from Walmart on up,
and there was no way I was spending $150+, not on our one income budget!

Our local online yardsale, courtesty of FB, offered the coffee table for $20.
It was beige, but in good shape. Just the right size, as it turned out. The side
table was found at the local thrift shop, for $25. Wide and sturdy, it also fit
the bill.

Then came the dilemma. Do I paint them white, to match the chairs and swing,
adding cohesion to the mix and match pieces, or use a color from my porch
cushion (red, green, or yellow) to add pops of color around the area? I even
asked on Fb, and got a plethora of different responses.

I went with white, in the end. I figure, if I change out the cushion in a year or
two for a different color/pattern, the white will still match. And it does look
fine now. Once we finally finish the dang porch (paint the railings white and
stain the floor) I might feel like it's too much white and repaint them in a color.
We'll see.

For now, I'm happy with it. The Boy decided that he wanted a Gnome wind
chime from Hobby Lobby, so that kind of set the theme. I never thought I'd
have gnomes at my house! But now they are kind of growing on me, lol.

Not the ones that show their hieney, bent over. Certainly not the ones that
are really....enthused and 'flashing'. Those are tacky, not funny. However,
speaking of heiney related things, I do have a birdhouse that is shaped like an
outhouse on the side table. It's red, so it brings the cushion color to that area.
There is a small husband/wife gnome set in front of it, and a lovely red flowering
plant behind it.

The coffee table has a larger, yawning gnome the Boy also picked out, along
with a gorgeous fern plant. I went a little crazy and ordered a standing triple-gnome
set, nearly 3 feet high, to go by the front door in the corner. It is adorable.

Dh also dug up with the shovel/ax three bush stumps in the front yard, that
would be in the way of the super slide we ordered for Easter. Yep, I'm hosting
it this year! We'll grill burgers, have pizza, chips, potato salad, ect. Kids will
play on the trampoline and water slide (24ft tall, y'all!), and then an egg hunt.

Should be a good time. This is on Saturday, the day before Easter. Sunday is
reserved for church, of course. :)

I have a few more things hung up in the house (decorations) that had been waiting.
We got the 'bun cover' for the Rav4 restitched (tire cover), and put some stuff
out in the barn that had been taking up space inside the house.

Speaking of the Rav4, We have a new car!! It's a2008, but only has 137000 miles
on it! Drives and handles like a dream. I love it, it's my baby. Heehee.

We fed the fish this evening, and those little jokers are big enough now to 'pop'
the water when they come up to eat. About hands length, I'd say. We had bbq
ribs, mac n cheese, and peas for supper, and are relaxing on this, Dh's last day

Rest of the week? Graveyard. Ick.

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  1. I have the Travelocity gnome my friend me many years ago. He's such a cute little thing. Sounds like your family been very busy. What are your plans for Easter?