Thursday, March 9, 2017

A bit of cheer

For these last winter days. Although, we haven't had much winter here in SE Georgia.
I've shared a couple other tablescapes at my other blog, but
wanted to put this one here.

I don't put out china and such, as this is our only table. We eat 3 meals a day here, play games, craft, do homeschool (sometimes) and more, so it has to be readily accessible at all times. Also, I don't yet have enough of my white china set to go around, even for pics. One day, maybe...but for now, enjoy!

 Here, you can see the adorable runner I picked up on Ebay for .99! With shipping, it was still under $5. Win!!

 Here's the table, finished with runner and placemats. The napkins are actually purple, but the light makes them blue. Also, the runner is a bolder yellow than pictured, and the cloth is brighter as well.
The purple candlesticks were another under-5 find on Ebay.

My napkin rings. Again the napkins are really purple, not blue. Crazy light. The dragonflies are green with shadings of yellow, and seemed perfect for a spring table.  This pic was before I added the round mats. I like it better with them. More color, and it looks more finished to me. Napkin rings also from Ebay. I rarely spend full price on anything, our budget won't allow it.

Even though spring isn't officially here yet, the weather says otherwise. Azaleas are blooming like mad, and the weather is amazing. We've spent so much time on our porch this past week or so. We're really loving it. And, for those cold, dreary days when winter proves it's not over yet, a bright, cheerful table really raises the spirits.

My St. Pat's table will be next, it's a green on green theme (at least right now it is), and I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Happy rest-of-the-week!


  1. Our weather is quite warm here too. It was around 80 here though the calendar still says winter. I'm looking forward to spring planting and spring cleaning too!

    1. I know, it's been a crazy season. Happy planting!

  2. Hi Tammy,
    What a cute runner you found, it is so colorful and cheery!
    Great for Spring....and love those cute lil dragon fly napkin rings.
    Adorable. I was gonna start my Spring decorating yesterday but just
    couldn't decide where to start and now I am happy I didn't as it is
    a cool 60 degrees today here in central Florida. I just made some Potato soup to celebrate our last Winter meal or at
    least I think our last Winter

    Have a great day hon, and thanks for coming by to visit and for your sweet comments,
    Blessings, Nellie