Friday, October 14, 2016

Family Four-Day

When dh comes home tonight around 10, he will be off for 4 days, woohoo!

Weekend plans include:

Having the drum filled with corn for the deer (more on LittlePond)
Pick up some fish food in bulk (for the pond fish)
Hang the rest of our curtain rods/curtains (two windows worth)
Hang a shelf in the 2nd bath

GO TO THE FAIR!! It's a new one this year, with lots of different stuff, so we're looking forward to that. I'll prob go up with Ds again on the Ferris Wheel, joy. lol

Church, which we've been slack on lately, both Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes it's b/c we're a one car family and Dh is at work, but sometimes? Honestly, laziness (not wanting to get out of bed/the house).

Cutting the grass with the new mower, esp down around the pond. That will be nice.
Doctor apt for me, and lunch out while we're there.
Finishing cleaning out the shed at the old place (we hope).
Dh wants to get his tree stand up and play with it. I mean, try it out, lol.

Just do whatever we feel like it when we feel like it, really. We may get to the 'stuff' and we may not. But we'll be together, and be sure to throw in a game of Catopoly or two while we're at it!

Happy Weekend!!

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