Friday, September 16, 2016

It's been a while

And here's why.
No internet! We've moved permanently into Little Pond, and lots has happened.

Every day, I've been going back and forth moving stuff one load at a time (usually one load a day), using my FIL's truck. It's so hot that one load is about all you can manage alone. Dh has worked 12 hour days since, and family is working, or busy with other things,

So, I've gotten most of it done on my own. My brother stepped up and helped a couple days, which surprised me, but in a good way. Fair Haven (women's shelter shop) took three trips over two days to get all the stuff I donated (couch, bedroom suite, huge Walmart armoire, toys, clothes, ect). Really, the only things from our old house (life) are the TV and stand, my computer, our clothes and toys, games, movies, dishes and tools. Also my moms glider and other family momentos.

TV/cable is established, as is internet, finally.
I have our clothes put away in drawers and the closet. Our bedroom furniture has been delivered and is beautiful. We are using our old dining table until we get a new one. What's missing? A refrigerator.
I ordered it two weeks ago, it was supposed to be here last Tues. The manufacturer delayed shipping for an unknown reason. New date is this coming Tuesday.  I am so tired of living out of a cooler!

Ds's bedroom suite also made the move (I'm remembering this as I type), but Dh and helper tilted the dresser and several (read 4) drawers fell out and busted. They are in for repairs at a local furniture builder now. Son is sleeping on his twin mattress on the floor until we get his full sized bed put up.
We go to get his mattress Mon or Tues.

We closed on our old house yesterday. Hooray! All that's left at the old place is the freezer and the shop to empty. Dh is seeing about the shop here this weekend, so maybe it won't be long. The neighbor's that bought the old house are very nice people and don't mind the wait.

We had the back yard/pond area bushogged today. You can see the pond area much better now, but there was a hill of dirt under the grapevines. Going to have to  have that spread out, to make mowing easier.

I feel safe here. Not nervous at any little sound. I'm not depressed or bogged down in crowded, musty darkness. There is light everywhere, and so much empty space! I hate to leave each day. My favorite time is morning, sitting on the couch and watching the light stream in. Seasonal affective disorder must be a real thing, b/c I can tell you just living in a darkened room (of necessity, but still) can drag you down, too.

Happy days, folks. Happy days!

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