Friday, September 2, 2016

First night

At the new place.
No pics, b/c we were settling in, eating and bracing for Hurricane Hermine.
We were directly in the Ga path!

It was fine, though. The really bad winds didn't start til around 2am, and by then we
were asleep (mattress on the floor, but  not too bad). Woke up during the night, and while
the trees were dancing, it didn't seem too bad. Also didn't seem to rain much, but maybe
I missed that while sleeping.

Woke to grey, windy weather, with rainy drizzle. Again, from inside the new house,
you couldn't hear a thing unless it was a big gust, or you were right next to a window.
The house is very snug, I love it.

Got a shower this morning, despite the stinky water. Felt much better. We spent the
night watching movies, playing video games and just enjoying being home. I hated
to leave, but we have a crap ton of stuff to move (sorry for the language, but it fits).

I'll be working on prepping this weekend, and Sunday night we'll move the TV and
stand, the washer, and other odds and ends. Once our stuff is out, I'll call Fair Haven
and schedule a pick up for the donation pile (which is going to be a LOT).

We are going into the new house with a lighter, brighter outlook and a lot less stuff.
Can I get an 'Amen'?


  1. You all stay safe! I hear that hurricane is brutal!

    1. It was, for some folks.
      Wayne County (where we live) had over 100 trees blown down, and two fires related to it. So even though we were ok at our place, the rest of the area seems to have gotten it worse.
      How's the house hunting?