Friday, July 22, 2016

One step closer

To closing!
Hopefully, next Wednesday, July 27, the house will be ours.

We are seeing about carpet tomorrow at Lowe's, though it will be some time
before we're ready for it. We'll have to remove the carpet that's there, paint the
entire house, and then lay the new carpet. Maybe two weeks after closing?

We might be in before the trip to Jax for Dh's Mayo appointment (5 day eval),
we'll see.  We are lining up bush hoggers (for heavy grapevine growth, the wild
kind), and countertop/tile men for the kitchen and bath tub *master).

We want to see about having the pond enlarged, so Dh has spoken to the county.
That might be an option, but we have another gentleman who might be able to
work on it for the dirt, if its the right kind. That's down the road, though.

First is to get closed, and ready to move in.
We are so excited!!

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