Sunday, July 24, 2016

Countdown in 3

Yesterday Dh, the boy and I went to Lowe's to see about carpet.

Got that done, not what we originally wanted (who has $10,000+ to spend?), but
nice, nonetheless. It should be here the 5th, and we plan to be ready for it by the 15th.

Looked into blinds. B/c the living room window is 94.5 inches on the inside, we would have
to go with two blinds. Er, no. That would look stupid on a picture window. Ordering them
custom at Home Depot might be an option, but we got sidetracked by a salesperson's suggestion
of roller shades.

YES. This is what I want, even over blinds. I think we've decided on a color/brand, I'll know
more once we measure one more time for accuracy. We'll do blinds on the back windows, too
that show from the front door. Family room (2) and dining room (1). The bedrooms will have
2" blinds and regular curtains *blinds are in place now from last homeowner, as that's more private. We may upgrade at a later date.

I've decided the color theme for the main living areas will be Chocolate and Sage (brown and green).
I plan to frame the windows with a cornice board of stained crown molding, with the shade behind it.
I'll hang the choc sheers on the outside, then a sage, then the main glass will have a white sheer. I may half the sheers (choc and sage) so they aren't so bulky, we'll see.

I've been mentally placing our wildlife themed pics, deciding on what to put on other walls, which walls to leave blank, ect. Ds will decorate his bedroom as he likes, of course. He does want a Flokati rug, so we'll see about that. Not sure if he'll go with Mario, Plants vs. Zombies, Minecraft or Kirby. He's really opening up his interests (well, in terms of different games, that is).

We've got to see about a stove hood, refrigerator, changing out the old dw for ours (newer and better),
the a/c (first thing, of course), removing old carpet and painting before new carpet goes in. I've got the living room and M bedroom furniture on layaway and ready to deliver when needed.

Things are coming together, and I am so ready to be moved in and living life at....Well, I'll tell you about that later. :D

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