Thursday, May 5, 2016

Awards Night

For Awana at Calvary Baptist Church.

He's very noise-sensitive, hence the hands over the ears. He doesn't sing, either. :)

Receiving his award from Mr. Shannon, his teacher.

Taking his seat. We were so proud of him for going up at all. He's SO very shy, and would have stayed in the pew, but I bribed him with smiley faces *his reward system that leads to wii games.

Waiting patiently to be done. He's getting so big!

Next week starts Shine, our summer program. We've never done this one before, but it seems to be popular. He's also signed up for VBS at our church and First Baptist. Not in Odum, as theirs was the same days as FB, but in the evenings. Two in one day for four days is just too much for all of us. His former teacher, Miss Amy, was sad when she heard he wouldn't be joining them this year.

He's finishing up baseball, only a couple more weeks to go. Then Tennis Camp for four days in late May. After that, we'll have to see what's on offer. Swimming, maybe?

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