Friday, April 8, 2016

Signs of Spring

Time of change, renewal and rebirth. I love it!

On nice days, I like to walk the perimeter of my front yard (just a bit under half an acre). It's about 250 steps or so one time round. I try to hit four times for 1000 steps. Still, that's a lot of walking!

I noticed new growth on our trees. This is looking sideways across half our yard at the empty lot next to us in the background. Our house is to the right, the road to the left.

This is one of the dogwoods in bloom. You can see the road and our neighbor's fence.  Our house is behind me here.

And maybe the best sign of spring: Baseball! Drake is not only on the Flea division team, but we've also signed him up for classes at Field of Dreams Hitting School. Two lessons and he's already making contact with the ball and showing much more confidence in himself.

He's hitting left handed here, but has switched to right handed and has more power. He also throws with his right, but writes with his left. Crazy.

It's going to be a great season!
Happy Spring, y'all!

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