Saturday, February 20, 2016

Results of a wonderful day

Dh's labs were clear. No gallstones! His stomach trouble (more like reflux) has pretty much gone away, only a small flare up here and there.

While in Brwk, we walked around Lowe's (Dh's request), ate at Olive Garden for lunch, then saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at the movies. It was kind of gory, but awesome. Elizabeth Bennett kicked major zombie booty!

Then we went BACK to OG for dessert (we didn't have time before the movie/at lunch). I had Tiramisu, my fave of all desserts. It did not disappoint, and I did eat it all. With my eyes closed, b/c y'all...TIRAMISU!! Mmm, so good.

So I used up all my extra weekly points (and all my dailies for that day), but it was worth it. I logged in 9000 steps, so that helped offset the eating a bit.

Yesterday the boy wanted pizza. I couldn't say no. I had one slice, with a salad, beef/barley soup, and a small amount of spaghetti and sauce. Still stayed within daily points. Dh is off to work on 12 hour dayshift this week, so I'll be sticking close to home and eating much better. Whew, lol.

Brk today was cheese toast: 2 slices of multigrain, low calorie bread (SaraLee Delightfuls) and 2 slices of Velveeta cheese, for a total of 4 points. I rounded it out with a cutie tangerine.

Lunch will prob be soup and salad, to avoid the lunch meat (that's for Dh's lunches) and for a change.

Dinner? Maybe chicken. Or (low fat) turkey pepperoni casserole. Or fish. OR.....yeah, we just went shopping, lol. Happy week!

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