Thursday, January 28, 2016

Counting points, or a new food mindset

I joined weight watchers last weekend, my first time to do so.

I debated on this choice for a while (weeks). I mean, I've lost the weight before (100lbs, going low fat), but I was single and much younger, without the health issues I have today.

I've found that I just cannot hold myself to a low fat diet while serving Dh and son regular foods. The temptation is too great. On my own, I can't seem to make those healthy meals happen, we just seem to eat the same things over and over again (m/c, fried steak, huge portions).

So I'm trying this for three months to see if it works FOR ME. Last weekend was a bust. I had no fruit in the house, and no salad foods for the 'free' options. The rest I could have managed, but the snacks killed it. Also, we were out of the house unexpectedly (broken breaker on the main box, fixed now), so my food was at the whim of MIL's house and what we ate out.

But I've done pretty good since Monday. I'm eating fresh fruit (rather than canned), and taking mind of my portions and snacks. The points (the new system is much more health and nutrient oriented) keep me accountable and give me a goal. When I do go over (I did today/Wed b/c I woke at 2am and got hungry) then I'm motivated to walk/work out more in response.

I've ditched all of the food blogs that aren't healthy, both here and on FB. No sense tempting myself with what I can't have. And having diabetes, WW is no real excuse either! I can't have those things. Alternative versions, sure. So I'm also looking into that (never thought I'd care about sugar free baking, but...).

This wasn't a New Year's resolution, but a decision I've reached after years of overweight and health issues. I'm going to try. It's long past time.

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