Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November, at last

And a linkie for you!

This seems like a neat website full of yummy English recipes (I found it by Googling 'Beans on Toast' for the Boy--he was watching Peppa Pig, a favorite).

We also attended our local fair and had a great time last week.
We didn't make it to the small circus that stopped in our county, but maybe next year.

Jacksonville has Kids Free November, and we're using this opportunity to hit the Zoo next Monday; it's been a busy, happy few weeks for us this fall!

And....I still can't get pics to load. They're the correct file type, ect. I hate to switch blogs AGAIN b/c of site issues, but it looks like I may have to. Ugh.

Happy Thanksgiving, if I don't post before then.

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