Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's been going on?

October has been a busy month.

We had our fall vacation in Atlanta/Stone Mountain.
We spent time at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Fernbank Science Museum, the Scottish Games at SM, and then a few hours at Stone Mountain itself.

It was Drake's first time at SM, and he had a blast. We'll def go again, but during the weekday when school is in! Crowds were crayzay.

I'd love to post pics, but for the past week, BlogSpot is refusing to upload my pics to my post. I can get them in que, but they wont embed. Ugh, so frustrating b/c I have so much to share.

Last soccer game is tomorrow, Drake has been playing some better. It's still not his fave sport. Too much running, lol.

Mr. Linton died Monday. His funeral was today, his daughter's (only child) birthday. He was such a huge positive influence for me growing up. I'll never forget all the adventures we all had riding horses and just hanging out.  North to Alaska, Forever!

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