Saturday, September 5, 2015

That season again!

He's so much more confident and sure of himself, even at the first practice (pictured here).
From what I can tell, we have a super coach and assistants so this year will be great, too.

That's him in white, being a go-getter!  He's in a size 2.5 this year (shoe) up from a 1 last year. He's growing so darn fast.  September is a 'gear up' month for us. Soccer practice starts, field trips with the local homeschool group begin, dh's an my anniversary (17 years), Drake's birthday.

Then, October brings his b-day party on the 3rd, we begin 2nd grade Oct 1,  fall vacation mid month,  and Dh's birthday at the end of the month.  Busy times!

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