Friday, July 31, 2015

Werds, Werds, Werds

My imagination has been humming here lately.

I finished a fanfic that had been languishing for two years, and started another. This time a modern InuYasha AU. I'm working on chapter 4 now. This is new for me, as I usually stay within the canon universe/historical.

 I also have another AU, also IY that's one chapter down.  One chapter of a modern original story that's been waiting for further inspiration and several chapters of a fic that likely won't see FF as it has an OC. Still, I'm having fun.

So I'm writing and creating and I am loving it.  Another development is my writing requirements. I used to be unable to 'hear' the story if the tv were on, people were talking/playing/ect. That's one reason I gave it up, no more quiet time. 

Now, all that's no real problem as long as the tv, boy and dh aren't loud.  The words just flow easily.

I'm really glad to be creative again.  It's calming and exciting all at once, and a great distraction from the 'things I cannot change' parts of life.  In my stories, I can change anything I want!

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