Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's a VBS kind of summer

So far this year, Drake has attended three vacation Bible schools.
One at our church, Calvary. One at First Baptist, and the last at Odum Baptist my home/growing up church.

He has loved each one of them.  From water balloon fights, to inflatable slides to a makeshift splash pad each church has incorporated not only sound Biblical teaching and music but great all around fun, as well. I am thankful for such dedicated and caring volunteers that make these VBS's happen.

Let the little children come unto me, indeed!

We've had the best discussions on the way home from each. Heaven, Hell, Attributes of God, Angels, clouds in Heaven and HOW will we walk on them without falling through? (lol) to a simple discussion of Salvation.  Slowly but surely he's learning and growing in the Lord.

I love this boy, and I'm so proud and grateful to be his mama!

Drake, down front in green. The lady on the right with the white cap is Mrs. Jackie Perkins. This wonderful lady taught ME when I was Drake's age. Passing it on...

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