Sunday, September 28, 2014

Soccer and Six

Yep, it's official.
I'm a 'Soccer Mom', and I'm loving it!

Drake's first year in the sport is going well. He's not at all aggressive, doesn't get into the skirmish for the ball, but he runs about keeping up with his team and having a good time. That works for me. Mad Skilz and passion can come later. Although, if they don't that's fine too. He's having a good time after all. :D

Also, today we held his 6th birthday party.  Where has the time gone??? I ask this every year, as I'm sure most moms do.  He won't be 'officially' six until September 30/Tuesday, but as that's a weekday...

The party was great, with lots of Paw Patrol, Soccer and Sonic stuff to tide over any near-6 year olds heart. Ladderball, Party Pong, and lots of running around with cousins and friends topped things off just right.  Here's hoping he sleeps well all night long! 

So proud of my big, big boy!

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