Sunday, August 24, 2014

What you believe matters

Today our church hosted the Creation Conference with Gary Bates.  He's the author of numerous books and articles answering questions about the Bible and Christianity.


And more.  It was sort of a crash course in apologetics, really.  Great stuff! Here's something I took away from it:

1. Where did I come from?
2. What is my purpose?
3. What will happen after I die?

The answers to 2 and 3 depend on what you believe about 1.  Kapow!

There are over 9500 articles and videos on his Creation Ministries website,
Print out the questions and answers and share them with people. It's a really great resource!

After this conference, I feel much stronger and better equipped to teach the truth in science to my 5/almost 6 year old.  Don't be fooled by the scientific 'evidence'. It ain't what they say!

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